Postknight 2 review: “Diligent delivery returns”

Postknight 2 review: "Diligent delivery returns"

The idea of ​​being a knight is a cool and noble one indeed, but there are many ways to apply such a title. The folks at Kurechii have doubled down on their version with Postknight 2. This 2D RPG has you playing as a knight whose job is to deliver packages. This means you’ll be traveling dangerous roads full of monsters and enemies trying to beat you up and take your stuff. There’s a big leveling-up element to make your knight stronger, while loot drops and chests can outfit you with better equipment. There’s also a new pass system that will allow you to earn free and premium rewards the more you play.

What’s a Postknight 2?

Sequels have the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the original while expanding on what has been established. In Postknight 2, things are going smoothly. You return as an eager student of the Postknight academy who’s looking to make their mark on the world. While making some deliveries to qualify for the final exam, you learn that the world has become more dangerous with some dark magic starting to emerge. No matter what happens, people are depending on you to carry out your deliveries and slay as many dangerous creatures along the way.

The perks of Postknight 2

The satisfaction of a job well done is something that certain careers capture more than others. By looking at Postknight 2, this fantasy career may be one of them. A reason for this comes from the returning charm of the previous entry. The 2D cartoon style is just as vibrant with more animation and detail as well as a wider range of assets. Everything feels smooth and pleasant which doesn’t take away from the sense of adventure and battle that comes with each mission. Whether you’re doing story missions, optional deliveries, or other field activities, it’s fun to visit each, win or lose.

Other reviews:

Then there’s the newest asset in terms of the battle pass. The game is centered around tasks and activities, of which there are plenty. You can go after achievements, fill out the handbook, or move your way up the pass tiers. Like other similar systems, there is both a free and paid version. While the latter definitely has more appealing prizes, the former can still be quite rewarding. You’ll get stuck sometimes, but there’s always some way to spend your time. Considering that you don’t need to wait for energy to recharge, you can keep playing as long as you feel up to it.

Postknight 2 downsides

Every job can be demanding and comes with a huge amount of risks you can’t always prepare to handle. Postknight 2 highlights the dangers of being a postal worker in a medieval fantasy realm. The prime threat is just the level of difficulty. What makes it a problem is that there’s no way to tell whether or not you’re ready to face the challenge until you actually undertake it. You’re held back by the equipment you’re able to equip and upgrade as well as your physical strength. The biggest culprit is the Rank-Up exams which seem almost needlessly difficult and can come with a time constraint to top things off. If you’re not willing to put some money towards the game, prepare to do a lot of grinding.

Become a Postknight 2

Postknight 2 is a sequel by Kurechii about being a postal worker and knight who delivers packages over danger-riddled lands. It’s a game that’s fun and fast to play with an appealing pass system that’s rewarding to free-play players too. The difficulty could use some balancing or at least some indicators for proper preparation. If you’re looking for a career change, you could try being a postknight…again.

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