Princess Connect! Re: Dive announces the closure of its English server set for later this month

Princess Connect!  Re: Dive announces the closure of its English server set for later this month

Legendary developer Cygames has announced that it’s 2-year-old gacha RPG Princess Connect! Re: Dive will shut the doors on its English servers, come the end of this month. Not only is this news pretty shocking given how much praise the game has received, but it’s also surprising to hear a game announce a shutdown only a few weeks before the scheduled time.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive saw and continued to see some pretty decent success upon launch, which was hardly a surprise given that Cygames was behind it. When your pedigree consists of the legendary Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse, two extremely successful mobile titles, it’s hard to believe that one of your games would end service only two years after.

And as is, unfortunately, the case with these sorts of things, the official real reason for such a shutdown is entirely unknown. In the announcement, the developers only thank the loyal fanbase for their support but do not elaborate on the reasoning for the closing.

However, if you were to ask me to speculate, I’d be willing to bet that the news that only the English side of things is shutting down tells us all we need to know. If Cygames is set on continuing support for the Japan server, it’s quite likely that the English one simply didn’t see the same success that the Japanese client did, and things became a bit too expensive to keep both up at the same time.

So, while it’s unfortunate that Princess Connect is closing down the English server, it is at least nice to know that the Japanese version will continue being supported, so displaced players will have another way to access the game.

If you would like to check out Princess Connect! Re: Dive while you still can, you can download the English version at either of the links below!

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