Princess Peach and Luigi Get New Nintendo Switch Games in 2024

Luigi and Princess Peach
Image: Nintendo/Attack of the Fanboy

A brand-new Princess Peach game and a visually enhanced version of Luigi’s Mansion: darkmoon will be released on nintendo-switch in 2024.

Super Mario fans are eating delectably after the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, with a total of oven new Mario titles announced for Nintendo Switch and a host of other Mario-related goodies. Our typical mustachioed protagonist isn’t (entirely) hogging the spotlight this time, as 2024 will feature Princess Peach and Luigi leading their respective games.

Princess Peach

Picture: Nintendo

Following the unexpected but welcomed announcement of a Super Mario RPG remake, a short teaser for a new Princess Peach game was shown, which can be viewed below.

The brief gameplay showcased in the Nintendo Direct shows Peach running through what appears to be a stage play, twirling enemies with a ribbon, and causing backdrops to transform with a little help from her mysterious (and adorable) companion.

Other than the twenty-six-second teaser, we currently have very little information on Princess Peach’s newest solo adventure — not even a title or genre. What we do know is that the game is currently in development and will release in 2024, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Remaster

Picture: Nintendo

A “visually enhanced” version of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (AKA Luigi’s Mansion 2) is also heading to Nintendo Switch in 2024.

Originally released on Nintendo 3DS in 2013, this sequel to the Gamecube classic has Luigi investigate haunted mansions and bust the ghosts that dwell there with his Polturgust 3000.

The gameplay showcased displayed a significant improvement in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s graphics, which is to be expected considering the original is now over a decade old. (For the record, I felt my bones creak and skin wrinkle as I typed that previous sentence.)

Whereas the 3DS made use of its second screen to display the minimap and Luigi’s health, these details are now neatly displayed on-screen in a similar manner to Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Super Mario Wonder was also revealed as the grand finale of today’s Direct. A sidescrolling Super Mario title for Nintendo Switch that finally abandons the ‘New Super Mario Bros.’ formula that’s been in place for the last seventeen years. I, for one, am all for Elephant Mario and Daisy’s inclusion.

Outside of the Mushroom Kingdom, June’s Nintendo Direct revealed a Detective Pikachu sequel set to release for Nintendo Switch in 2023.

– This article was updated on June 23rd, 2023

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