Promising Indie Action RPG Monomyth Reveals Upcoming Content & Lays Out Roadmap to Release

Promising Indie Action RPG Monomyth Reveals Upcoming Content & Lays Out Roadmap to Release

Developer Rat Tower provided a look into the future of its indie action-RPG Monomyth, showing off upcoming content and discussing further beta stages.

In a video released today, the developer (who is currently working on Beta Patch 4) showcased the Inner Fortress of Lysandria, which will be the game’s main social hub. It includes plenty of shops, taverns, artisans, and NPCs to interact with.

The geometry of the fortress is basically completed, and the developer is working on turning it into an immersive game environment that will feature quests and opportunities to use social skills like Speech, which will also help when trading. Since the player is an outsider, they will have to work hard to earn the inhabitants’ favor, but it’ll be important and helpful to the main quest.

Speaking of the main quest, the fortress wi also play a significant role in it and two-thirds of its logic has now been implemented. The rest should be finished in time for the backer open beta, when it should be playable up until the last chapter.

While the game won’t have full voice acting (since it would be way more expensive for the developer), voice cues and greetings are being implemented. There is still some work to do on the characters and more writing to do before Beta Patch 4 is ready, which should happen “within the next few weeks.” Item distribution in the Fortress also still needs to be done.

After Beta Patch 4 is released, the game will enter the polishing phase including performance improvements, updating combat mechanics and animation, and tweaking enemies and challenges. These improvements will actually come in a series of small patches released relatively quickly.

After this polishing phase, the developer plans to move to the Open Backer Beta, and after any bug found then is fixed, the plan is to get the game ready for release as soon as possible.

You can check out the video below. Monomyth is coming for PC via Steam and if you want to learn more, you can read an interview with the developer.

The game was backed via a Kickstarter campaign in 2021, and you need to be a backer to have access to the betas mentioned above.



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