PSA: Dehya’s Beacon of the Reed Sea Claymore is Absolutely Worth Pulling in Genshin Impact

PSA: Dehya's Beacon of the Reed Sea Claymore is Absolutely Worth Pulling in Genshin Impact
Image: HoYoverse

Dehya’s character-focused banner can already be considered one of the most divisive to ever be featured on Genshin Impact. Dehya’s set was the target of controversy, especially when HoYoverse revealed that she will be joining the game’s Standard Banner once version 3.6 debuts.

But although many are now shifting their focus to the banners set to be featured either in the second half of 3.5 or on version 3.6, it may be better to actually use your pulls during the first phase of version 3.5 in order to get Dehya’s Beacon of the Reed Sea Claymore. But why is that?

Overall, even if the weapon can be considered by all definitions a must-pull, as it will feature a massive base ATK, a handy buff, and a Crit Rate substat, the reason lies outside of Beacon of the Reed Sea’s combat capabilities and utility .

Instead, Dehya’s inclusion toward the Standard Banner on version 3.6 may be the biggest selling point of Beacon of the Reed Sea, as the claymore may be getting the Hunter’s Path treatment and can, in turn, become an extremely rare weapon, even amongst the 5 -stars.

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What is the Hunter’s Path Treatment?

The Hunter’s Path Treatment is the name we gave to what happened to Tighnari’s signature weapon once he was added to the Standard Banner.

Overall, although a top-tier weapon, the bow was pretty much stuck in limbo by being outside of both the Standard Banner and any foreseeable future weapon-featured banners. Unless the game changes its approach, Tighnari will very likely be absent from them.

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All You Need to Know About Dehya’s Signature Weapon: Is Beacon of the Reed Sea Really That Good?

Beacon of the Reed Sea is shaping up to take the Wolf’s Gravestone spot as the best jack of all-trades Claymore in the game, as the Claymore will feature a total of 608 Base ATK (lv 90), while also being the first 5- star of its class to feature a Crit Rate substat, with a total of 33.1% at level 90.

While using the weapon, you will also be able to further enhance your DPS’ Attack by 40%.

Although capable of elevating the damage of your characters by a large margin while also staying head and shoulders above most of the game’s arsenal of Claymores in most scenarios, the weapon will not be able to rival existent featured character + weapon pairs on both damage and utility .

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