Quidditch To Get Its Own Standalone Multiplayer Game After Being a No-Show in Hogwarts Legacy

Quidditch To Get Its Own Standalone Multiplayer Game After Being a No-show in Hogwarts Legacy


Glad we don’t have to wait until a possible Hogwarts Legacy 2.

While you could ride a broom all around the Hogwarts grounds, the broom-based sport Quidditch was conspicuously absent. As it turned out, Warner Bros. Games is bringing players the Quidditch they longed for in a separate game. Many players had speculated on a future Qudditch DLC for Hogwarts Legacy, but it seems that wasn’t in the cards.

A Tweet and website for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions have popped up to let interested gamers sign up for playtests. Quidditch Champions will be an online-only multiplayer game. The game comes from developer Unbroken Studios rather than Hogwarts Legacy developer Avalanche Software.

The site’s FAQ for the game seems to dispel the notion that Quidditch was removed from Hogwarts Legacy to sell it otherwise, saying it has been “in development for several years.” Though, it does seem that they waited for players to cool on Hogwarts Legacy before making this announcement. Nothing on the site suggests that Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions will be free-to-play.

Despite Harry Potter being directly part of the title, it’s hard to say if the Boy Who Lived will actually show up in the game. The FAQ only says that the game is “firmly rooted in the magical universe of the Wizarding World.” However, further information reveals he won’t be a playable character if he does appear. A different section regarding characters says, “players can create and customize their own Quidditch Champions.”

At the moment, there isn’t any idea of ​​a possible release date, and even platforms are relatively unknown. The FAQ only mentions PC and unconfirmed consoles. The air of mystery continues as there is a similar lack of information regarding the first playtest date.

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