Rainbow Six Siege Kicks Off Year 8, Season 1: Operation Commanding Force

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft is kicking off year 8 of Rainbow Six Siege by starting its first season, dubbed Operation Commanding Force. Headlining the new season is Brazilian Operator Brava, alongside updates to the gameplay, and the new MouseTrap feature that aims to stop console players from using keyboard and mouse controls.

Brava is an Attacker, with the Kludge Drone as her gadget. The drone allows Brava to take control of enemy devices or destroy them. Her weapons loadout includes a PARA-308 or a CAMRS as a primary weapon, and a USP40 or a Super Shorty as her secondary weapon.

On the subject of anti-cheat measures, the MouseTrap is the big feature of Operation Commanding Force. More likely to be noticed by console players rather than on PC, the feature hopes to curb unfair advantages some console players might get by using a keyboard and mouse rather than the console’s controller.

Players caught by MouseTrap will find additional input latency added to their controls, making it harder for them to move, aim and shoot. The penalty is gradually removed if the player is detected to be using a controller, removing the penalty input latency altogether after a few games.

In terms of gameplay features, the new season brings with it a new reload system that allows players to interrupt their reload animations. If the animation is interrupted while the magazine is completely empty, the player will be left without ammunition until they reload. However, closed bolt weapons with a single round in the cchamber will still be able to be fired.

New players will also find a series of new onboarding features that hope to make the game easier to learn, including new Beginner Challenges and Operator Specialties. The latter helps players learn the play styles for different Operators in the game. Finishing all challenges with a single Operator Specialty allows players to unlock an Operator of the completed Specialty.

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