Rec Room’s first virtual festival, Rec Rocks, to be headlined by Ethan Bortnick and Tokyo Machine

Rec Room's first virtual festival, Rec Rocks, to be headlined by Ethan Bortnick and Tokyo Machine

Following a few music-themed events, Rec Room has decided to host an entire in-game festival. The team have given the excellent name Rec Rocks and it will take place between March 11th and 12th. Several artists will feature across the two days, with Ethan Bortnick and Tokyo Machine headlining.

The event will take place in an open canyon where you can freely explore the virtual stages while enjoying the performances. As mentioned, EDM artist Tokyo Machine will headline the first day and debut two brand-new tracks.

Discussing headlining the virtual concert, Tokyo Machine said: “The first time I played Rec Room 6 years ago, I was blown away by how immersive the games like laser tag and ping-pong could be. I’m super pumped to be a part of Rec Rocks and will be premiering a whole set of unreleased songs with a performance that will be unlike what my fans have seen before!”

The festival is free to attend and will have exclusive artist merch available for those interested. Additionally, Community Creator Booths will also be present, allowing the creator community to sell their inventions. To RSVP for the event, head to the official Rec Room website.

Ethan Bortnick, who previously teamed up with Rec Room last spring to host a prom event, will headline the second day of Rec Rocks.

Discussing his appearance, he said: “Rec Room will be the first stop on my 2023 tour. As the technology in Rec Room continues to advance, that allows for even more elaborate lighting, staging and the entire set is crazier and showcases everything I can’t do in a real live setting.”

The full lineup, which will feature a mixture of EDM, pop, rock, and rap acts, includes:

  • TokyoMachine
  • Ethan Bortnick
  • Haven
  • Charlie Curtis Beard
  • Suzy Shinn
  • The Royal Foundry
  • Akintoye
  • Clinton Kaye

Rec Room is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It is free-to-play, and you can download it for your preferred platform using the links below.

New to Rec Room? Our beginner’s guide is here to help you get started!

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