Reddit User Recreates Working Minecraft Clocks & Jukebox With 3D-Prints

Minecraft Working Clock


The ingredients to Minecraft’s real-life crafting recipes.

Although the Minecraft store features many exclusive merchandise and clothing lineups, Reddit user Perplexr has taken things up a notch with their working 3D printed builds. The most recent creation is a fully-functional clock of the Overworld, showing the day and night cycles from the series.

Those unfamiliar with the clock’s mechanisms should note that it gradually rotates throughout the day to either display the sun or moon. Perplexr’s build works in a similar fashion, as it spins with the standard 24-hour system.

The procedure for this 3D-printed design first began with an older texture pack until it fully blossomed into a new creation with the latest release.

Not only did the crafter make a working clock, but they also constructed a functional jukebox to play the franchise’s melodic music. You may recognize familiar compositions, such as Music Disc 13, Music Disc Pigstep, and Music Disc Otherside. The 3D-printed object also seems to feature all 15 soundtracks found across the Overworld, from the treacherous Woodland Mansion to the formidable Ancient City.

Perplexr has expressed their admiration for real-world Minecraft items on various posts and promises to develop more 3D art as time progresses. With that in mind, fans can probably expect other builds from the Trails and Tales update, which includes Archaeology, the Cherry Blossom biome, Armor Trims, and the Sniffer. Aside from these prints, players can look forward to future designs, like an ore desk lamp, TNT/Creeper candle, and Axolotl desk toy.

Some Reddit users have already asked Perplexr to make more creations, like a working compass for real-life explorations. But, for now, crafters can anticipate the next astonishing 3D print, especially with the upcoming launch of the following update and Minecraft Legends.

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