Redfall: Jacob’s Backstory And Skills Revealed

Jacob from Redfall

Arkane recently showed off the backstory and skillset for one of the playable characters in Redfall, Layla. Now, continuing the trend, Jacob from Redfall is the latest to add to the story of the Vampire infested city and how he came into the thick of it. IGN has also revealed the essential skills and ultimate ability of the character.

Jacob From Redfall’s Backstory

Jacob holds a military background. Originally from a poverty-stricken community, he took a shot at the military and was selected. He served in many infantry tours and later became a part of the covert Special Forces unit. After being discharged, he joined Bellwether, a private military company (or “PMC”) known for involving themselves in global conflicts.

Jacob and his unit were hired and sent to Redfall, where they were separated. There Jacob was kidnapped by the vampire god Miss Whisper and had a psychic raven and strange eye forced on him for an unknown purpose. And that’s how he got his abilities. You can watch the trailer here:

Skillset and Ultimate Ability

Jacob’s skillset varies a lot from Layla’s. While she focused more on attaining high ground and using psychic abilities, Jacob is all about guns and using his pet Raven. Following are the details of Jacob’s abilities:

  • Power 1: Command your raven to fly forward and mark enemies.
  • Power 2: Activate Jacob’s stolen Bellwether Cloak to hide from enemies.
  • Ultimate Ability: Heartstopper – Summon a ghostly rifle. Use sights to lock onto enemies, then fire to deal heavy damage.

Compared to Layla, Jacob is more sneaky and can freely move amongst enemies using his cloak. He also uses his military background as a part of his combat techniques. Overall, Jacob seems to be an interesting character. Redfall releases on May 2, 2023

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