Remnant 2 Doe Guide | Save or Kill

Remnant 2 Doe Guide |  Save or Kill

Our Remnant 2 Doe Guide will go over whether you should save or kill the Doe in Yaesha, and the rewards for each possible outcome.

Remnant 2 Ravage

In the world Yaesha, one of the possible world bosses you can encounter is the Corrupted Ravager. Like with most world bosses, you’ll have the chance to talk with the Ravager before the battle actually begins.

In this case, it’ll give you the option to kill the Doe, the other main deity in Yaesha. After the cutscene, you’ll be given control inside the boss room and can make a few different choices

Screenshot of the Ravager's Mark amulet, offering increased damage.

Kill the Doe in Remnant 2

Killing the doe is the quickest option, simply taking a few shots to put down. Doing so will net you the Ravager’s Mark Amulet, which increases damage dealt to bleeding targets by 20% (or more to low health targets).

Additionally, this will also grant the “Was This Supposed To Happen?” achievement for getting an alternate boss reward. And, if you’re playing solo, you’ll get the “Only Human” achievement for killing a world boss without taking damage.

The Red Doe Staff melee weapon.

Save the Doe in Remnant 2

Choosing not to kill the Doe will instead require you to kill the boss. However, there is still another choice you can make here. If you go up to the Doe, you have a chance to use up one Relic charge to heal it. This will cause the Doe to escape, and you’ll get the Doe’s Antler material once the Ravager is dead. This is used to craft the Red Doe Staff melee weapon, which comes with a mod that can deal damage to enemies while healing allies.

The Merciless Long Gun.

If you instead opt to attack the Ravager without healing the Doe, the Doe will die during the encounter. Once the Ravager dies, you’ll get the Crimson Membrane material. This is used to craft the Merciless Long Gun, which comes with a mod that can penetrate through multiple enemies at once.

To get all 3 rewards, you must reroll your campaign or create adventure worlds to encounter the Ravager multiple times — or join other players in co-op.

And that’s everything for our Remnant 2 Doe Guide! Make sure to check out more of out Remnant 2 guides below.

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