Remnant 2 Imperial Garden Puzzle Guide

Remnant 2 Imperial Garden Puzzle Guide

In Remnant 2 there are various areas filled with puzzles, and our Imperial Gardens puzzle guide will show you how to solve it without your brain melting out of your ear.

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Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens Puzzle Guide

Remnant 2 Screenshot of the imperial gardens puzzle dial set among red stones

Head immediately for the Imperial Garden and work your way through until you unlock the shortcut into the main building. You’ll probably also want to take down the teleporting boss that usually lives here as well.

Remnant 2 screenshot of a dial coveredin glowing symbols set amongst some blood-stained stones

Examine the dial at the highest point in the building and pay close attention to it. You’ll need to go around the area and find the four symbols needed to unlock the dial.

Finding the Imperial Garden Symbols

Remnant 2 screenshot of the map of imperial gardens with four red rings on specific rooms

You’ll have to journey around the Imperial Gardens and look for perfectly square rooms on the map. You should be able to make out 4 obviously square locations on the map, close to the dial itself, if you look carefully, and each one contains one of the symbols.

Remnant 2 screenshot of a strange stone tablet with a glowing symbol on it

Head for all four of these locations and take a screenshot of each one. Our map above is just an example, but they’re mostly within walking distance of the puzzle once you’ve found it. They can also be behind secret doors too, so watch out for that.

Solving the Imperial Gardens Puzzle

Four Remnant 2 Screenshots showing the solution to a puzzle

Head to the dial and get your screenshots up. You need to pick the order of your different symbols (they probably won’t match ours) based on how much corruption you see on each symbol. It can be tricky to figure out some of the smaller amounts of corruption, but you can use our image above as a guide.

Remnant 2 screenshot showing an open stone trapdoor at the top of a temple made of redish stone

Enter the code with the line of symbols starting at the center and moving upwards. Once correctly entered a secret trapdoor should open in the floor beneath you and reveal your prize, Crossbow, a pretty decent Long Gun.

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