Remnant 2 – The Lament Door Puzzle Solution Guide

Remnant 2 - The Lament Door Puzzle Solution Guide

Remnant 2 is no stranger to puzzles in every area, covered from head to toe in secrets. One of these puzzles, found on Yaesha – is subtle and clever. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the solution to The Lament Door Puzzle.

First off, you can’t solve this puzzle until you’ve completely cleared The Lament. You’ll need to get past the initial traps, and then completely through the area so that you can unlock the door back to the beginning and make it easier to move between the upper and lower sections.

How to get past The Lament Trap Area

If you’re stuck on getting past the early traps, here’s a quick video I took showing how the arrows move and how to get to the end. Once I got the rhythm down, and noted that halfway through each area the pattern changes (starting w/ left side) – it was actually pretty easy!

How to Solve The Lament Puzzle Door on Yaesha

This puzzle actually has a simple solution, but it’s very subtle and easy-to-miss. I probably wasted 30 minutes trying to figure it out, and the answer was right there the entire time!

First off, find the book nearby on the ground. It’s going to have a lengthy set of stories, but on the first page is a symbol used to identify the correct bodies to correspond the puzzle solution with. See below a side-by-side comparison for my playthrough on what to look for:

Image of the symbol used to identify the correct symbols above bodies
The image on the left will represent the pattern on the cloth to the right. Use this to identify the right symbols!

Now that you’ve identified which body is with each symbol, head on up to the circular puzzle slider. Enter in the four puzzle symbols from top to middle, to complete the Lament Puzzle, and the door will open!

Note: There doesn’t seem to be a specific order you must enter them – so enter all 4 and you’ll be good to go!

Image of a solved puzzle wheel in the lament

Lament Door Puzzle Reward – Big Chest

With the door now open, head on through to the next area. Up ahead you’ll find:

  • 2 chests to open with crafting materials and scrap
  • Blood Tinged Ring – “Gain 2 Health Regeneration per second when within 10m of a Bleeding Entity”

Where you find the ring, there will be an overlook where you’ll see a chest that you (seemingly) can’t get to – but don’t fret…there is a way down!!

Image of your character overlooking a chest you can't get to and on the right an arrow pointing to how to get to it

Turn around and go back to the checkpoint crystal and face the way you came in. To the right, you’ll see some pots you can smash – do that and you’ll find a drop down below them so you can loot the riches within that big chest.

Once you drop down, head towards the smaller path that dead ends – you’ll have to crouch and go underneath some water before you reach the long hallway, and at the end of it you’ll find the Supply Room Key. After that, head towards the chest and unlock the shortcut above the ladder.

You’ll be glad you grabbed the Supply Room Key, because now you’ll need it to unlock the door in front of you and proceed on to another trap room… yay! Chances are you’ll die here, so having the shortcut open will be good!

Largely – run down the middle and avoid the saws as they shift back and forth and you’ll be home free. Make your way up to the chest, and open it to get the Red Widow Armor Set:

  • Red Widow Headdress
  • Red Widow Raiment
  • Red Widow Leggings
  • Red Widow Bracers

If you’re curious, here’s how that looks on your character:

Image of the Remnant 2 Red Widow Armor Set

Well, that’s it for our The Lament Puzzle Door Guide! If this helped you out, check out more below:

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