Resident Evil 4 Remake Debuts as Second Highest Rated Game of 2023

Resident Evil 4 officially 2nd highest rated game of the year


Setting a new previous for the series.

Capcom has done it again. It’s fair to say that the developer’s series of remakes to their classic Resident Evil games has led to success after success, and Resident Evil 4 has lived up to the lofty legacy established by the original game by becoming the second highest-rated title of the year .

Resident Evil 4 is currently enjoying a sky-high score of 93 which indicates universal acclaim as pointed out by Ryan T. Brown on Twitter. A number of reviews have awarded the game a perfect 10 while most fall between a score of 9.5 and 8. The 93 accumulative rating only takes scored reviews into consideration; there are still a few reviews that are unscored or in progress but also shower the game with acclaim.

As it stands, Resident Evil 4 is the highest-rated game of the remake series beating out Resident Evil 2’s very impressive score of 91 and Resident Evil 3 which scored 79. Currently, the game only plays second fiddle to Metroid Prime: Remastered which holds a score of 94 and is currently tied with The Witcher: 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition for first place.

Looking at the top 10 games of the year, most of them are in fact remasters or remakes of beloved titles. The Switch port of Persona 4: Golden sits comfortably at the number 7 spot with a score of 90 and Motive Studio’s acclaimed remake of survival horror Dead Space is not far behind with a score of 89. In fact, the only new IP that is featured in Metacritic’s top 10 of the year is Tango Gameworks’ rhythm-based action game, Hi-Fi Rush.

As Brown notes in his tweet, these are extraordinarily high scores for what are technically considered to be old games. There’s going to be quite a challenge ahead for upcoming titles to rob Resident Evil 4 of its well-deserved spot.

As for us, we felt that Resident Evil 4 is a highly replayable experience that both expanded and streamlined the original game while honoring its roots. You can check out our full review here.

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