Resident Evil 4 Remake leaks show off classic moments and some storyline changes

Resident Evil 4 Remake leaks show off classic moments and some storyline changes

Fans are anxious to get their bloody hands on the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake. Players would do anything to play the Remake early, which might explain why a few players have already gotten the game. A few stores have seemingly broken the title’s street date, selling copies weeks before the official March 24 launch date. Players are already going through the game, revealing some early gaming spoilers and storyline changes. If you are someone who wants to go into the title clean and spoiler-free until launch, you should avoid social media and gaming forums.

A thread on Resetera goes over the leaked Resident Evil 4 copies, touching on early game spoilers and potential changes to the story. Leaks include early info on certain characters that have yet to appear in any of the Capcom promotions, in addition to certain story beats that weren’t featured in any sneak peeks or trailers. This includes particular puzzles, enemy types, boss fights, and environmental changes.

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Early leaked footage shows off iconic moments from the original game, including the boat ride Leon and Ada share, plus the fight against Salazar’s statue. Based on gameplay captured by players who got the game early, it doesn’t appear the Separate Ways bonus game from the original Resident Evil 4 is in the base game for the Remake. Separate Ways is a short campaign mode starring Ada Wong that was added to later copies of Resident Evil 4. It’s possible Separate Ways could be added in a Day 1 patch or DLC, or potentially leakers haven’t yet discovered how to unlock it.

Though the Remake is still a few weeks away from release, players can still try out the Chainsaw Demo of the game. The demo covers a confrontation between Leon and a village full of infected people, most noticeably the chainsaw-wielding madman. Players have been enjoying the brutal deaths featured in the Chainsaw Demo, and have even modded it to include a shirtless Leon.

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