Rocket League Sideswipe’s season 8 is now live

Rocket League Sideswipe's season 8 is now live

Psyonix is ​​back with yet another season for the mobile version of its super popular sports game, Rocket League Sideswipe. Season 8 goes live today and builds on everything its predecessor introduced. The seventh season saw the addition of the Collections tab and an overhaul of the Rocket Pass and the new season continues to deliver those benefits to players.

Just because Rocket League Sideswipe has launched Season 8, doesn’t mean it’s not possible to obtain the Aurum Badge Border. That’s the beauty of revamping systems. Progress does not reset anymore and players can simply carry on from where they are right now. All rewards, old and new will be available to everyone.

Let’s also take a look at the new things players can expect to see this season since the Item Shop has refreshed. Completing Challenge Rewards will grant everyone SP that can be spent on cosmetics like the Sky Blue Holo Data Goal Explosion and to go with it, the Sky Blue Tsunami Beam, and the Crimson Cyclone Car.

In addition to this, there’s another blast from the past as Dunk House is coming back to Sideswipe. Players will once again be able to hit epic goals and dribble the ball to victory in this mode. Horizontal goals may prevent some strategies from working, but that just expands the field of possibilities. Extra modes keep rotating so be sure to enjoy this one.

All of Season 8’s rewards haven’t been released yet and they will be made available soon. Besides the Player Titles, this season will also feature the Rocket Ball, inspired by Avatars. It will be based on the rank they attain this season. While the offerings will be permanently accessible, Season 8 will remain live until May 22nd.

Explore the new season by downloading Rocket League Sideswipe now for free.

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