RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry storyline concludes with the Dead and Buried quest

RuneScape's Fort Forinthry storyline concludes with the Dead and Buried quest

RuneScape players have an epic year thanks to the ongoing Fort Forinthry storyline alongside the announcement of Necromancy finally joining the superhit title. Like all good things come to an end, so must the Fort Forinthry Season, which concludes with the final update titled Dead and Buried.

RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry questline began in February with the New Foundations event, which saw players build their very own fort and a few other buildings. This was followed by Murder on the Border, a classic whodunit mystery, which saw players team up with the inquisitive Aster to solve a murder.

Next came the mini-event, Unwelcome Guests, which brought a fan-favorite character back to the MMORPG. The Raptor returned to help players take on newer and tougher categories of foes introduced in this update. Then came the Woodcutter’s Grove, a sort of training area where players could improve their woodcutting and fletching skills.

That brings us to Dead and Buried, the final update of RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry Season. This quest will also feature The Raptor, who will venture into the Wilderness Crypt along with players. The finale also brings players face-to-face with Zemouregal’s army of the undead.

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Dead and Buried continues right after Unwelcome Guests, which saw Zemouregal flee using a mysterious dragonskin door. The battle promises to be an iconic one, with adrenaline-pumping combat, tricky puzzles, and epic confrontations.

In addition, the newly acquired Fletching skill will also come into use. While players take on Zemouregal, Fort Forinthry cannot be left unguarded. That’s where the new Ranger’s Workroom comes in. Here, players will be able to gain XP boosts by honing their skills. It also aids in unlocking one of the four Wisdom of Anima perks as well.

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