Secrets of Gloomrot DLC update is arriving this May

V Rising Update Secrets Of Gloomrot Lab

Developer Stunlock Studios’ vampiric survival game V Rising has haunted Steam Early Access for almost a year at this point. Within that time, the game has seen plenty of success, as over 3 million players have purchased the title and checked out what it has to offer. Of course, V Rising has received numerous updates and patches over its lifespan. However, up until now, it had yet to receive a more substantial expansion for players to sink their teeth into, pun intended. That will finally change this coming May, as that month will see the release of Secrets of Gloomrot, V Rising‘s first significant DLC update.

Stunlock Studios unveiled the update this morning through a Steam news post, which goes over the upcoming Gloomrot biome. This harrowing location will take players through polluted valleys as well as highlands plagued by lightning storms. While exploring this land, players will eventually have “to face the uncontrollable horrors of The Trancendum’s mutated experiments alongside the mechanical wonders born of their twisted imaginations.” By using their vampiric powers to suck the life out of those involved with the experiments, players can access their vast knowledge.

V Rising Update Horseback Battle Gallows

Image via Stunlock Studios

V Rising gets its first major DLC update in Secrets of Gloomrot

According to the news post, the Gloomrot biome boasts a size nearly equal to that of Dunley Farmlands. The biome consists of Gloomrot North and Gloomrot South, two distinct sections that each contain their own enemies and challenges to tackle. Additionally, these sections feature their own technologies as well as “plenty of space to stretch out and settle your multi-floor strongholds.”

So far, Stunlock Studios has only revealed the May release window for V Rising’s Secrets of Gloomrot DLC update, with no mention of a more concrete release date. But considering May isn’t very far away, fans of V Rising will likely have no problem waiting for this information to come. Notably, fans won’t have to pay a dime to experience this expansion.

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