Settlement Survival guide – essential tips

Settlement Survival guide - essential tips



If you are at the game’s beginning stages or have only started playing Settlement Survival, you should know that choosing your location is an essential part of constructing your city. The appropriate area provides benefits from the very start, which is necessary to progress fast.

The top priority here is resources, especially water. Find an area with plenty of water so your city will never have problems with this resource. Also, you need to consider the type of location you choose. Try to opt for a flat location so that citizens can freely wander around the city without any obstacles.



This piece of advice is related to the first. Water is the most critical resource in the game. If your water reserves run out, your town won’t be able to function. That’s why you need to always produce water.

Take into account that as you progress, your town will need more water. Therefore, invest your Development Points to increase and simplify water production. Even though it might seem like a waste of resources, it is one of the best things you can do as soon as you get more experience.



Wasting resources is a complex topic and probably worth a guide by itself. Still, it is impossible to cover this extensively when writing a beginner’s guide for Settlement Survival. Gathering resources is one of the most significant problems you will face while playing Settlement Survival. As you progress, the issue only gets worse.

Therefore, try to save your resources, even at the beginning. For example, don’t build every building from the start. Ignore building the Distillery or Hunters Hut, which are not important initially. Instead, invest your resources in the Smithy and Tailor, which have a significant impact both in the early and late game.

It is a matter of practice and experience. So, just play more, and you will understand how to save your resources as effectively as possible.



Tech is probably the most undervalued part of Settlement Survival. Of course, not every single tech is worth your attention, with some needing to be avoided entirely if you don’t want to impede your progress.

Still, various passive Tech choices can significantly improve your performance. Using them, you can make clothes, increase your carry weight or make your farm more money by killing animals.



Happiness is another thing in Settlement Survival that beginners tend to ignore. Citizens can work only work at their full potential if they are happy. Building different entertainment buildings is the best way to increase citizens’ happiness. Check out the list below for the best five constructions you can build to improve workers’ happiness levels:

  • repair shop
  • Church
  • Clinic
  • School
  • Town Hall

It’s worth remembering the level of happiness directly impacts the birth rates of your city. If your citizens have low satisfaction levels, your city will get closer to collapse with each passing day.



Various disasters might put you in a situation where you significantly lack resources for surviving. So, you need to be open to trading with others. A good idea is always to keep some extra resources that can be used for trading. Even though it might sound challenging, it becomes much easier when you have some experience trading under your belt.

And that concludes our Settlement Survival guide for beginners. Even though it doesn’t cover everything you need to know about the game, it includes essential tips that can significantly improve your performance while playing Settlement Survival.

Remember that while playing Settlement Survival, you never know when the disaster will hit your city, and you need to heal your citizens and invest more resources in making them healthy. So, always have some extra resources and a back up plan that can be used in case of trouble.

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