Seven Knights 2 introduces Apostle of the Abyss Nebiros in latest update

Seven Knights 2 introduces Apostle of the Abyss Nebiros in latest update

Netmarble has just released the latest update for their popular mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. Like most of its predecessors, this update introduces new content including a Legendary+ Hero, costumes, and multiple limited-time events. All the new missions are slated to continue until July 5th.

Joining Seven Knights 2’s ever-expanding roster is the Apostle of the Abyss Nebiros. He is a Legendary+ Universal hero giving a dark and gothic appearance. The Apostle’s basic attacks perfectly showcase his support skills as they reduce Status Effect Resistance of enemies. This would do great when paired alongside heroes that specialize at dealing debuffs.

On the PvP side of things, the Apostle can create an Unmovable Shield for himself and all his partners, based on the Max HP. Targets within a circular range get hit with some extra damage as well, regardless of their armour. It is another area where the Apostle shines as players could smartly use the character to serve as a tank buster while simultaneously improving survivability.


Keeping the gothic theme in mind, a new Gothic-style costume for Diana will be featured in this patch. It is called Leah’s Look and contrasts really well with Diana’s usual light-themed aesthetic. These new threads should help her fit in the crowd with other darker themed heroes like Nebiros.

And with every update, there’s a few events to take part in, with the current theme being Month of 7K Eve. Participating in challenges and special missions will grant everyone 1000x Soul, Mythic Weapon Selection Ticket, Legendary Pet Summon Voucher, Legendary+ Hero Selection Tickets, Light Crystal Shards, and Crimson Essence.

That’s not all because there’s a login event that will provide rewards for the next ten days too. Finally, the Upgrade Dungeon and Celestial Tower will give away Legendary and Rare Runes and Gold on completion. For more freebies, use these Seven Knights 2 coupon codes.

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