Shovel Knight Dig gets Knightmare Mode and tons of improvements in new update

Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight Dig

Publisher Yacht Club Games and developer Nitrome have released a huge update for Shovel Knight Dig.

The new “Fate and Fortunte” update is now available on PC and Apple Arcade, with a release for Nintendo Switch coming later.

Shovel Knight Dig has been available since September 2022 across Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade.

Here’s a rundown on the new update and its contents, plus a new trailer:

This free DLC is packed with even more adventure, including a brand new challenging quest called Knightmare Mode, sweet mementos to unlock and show off in the HUB, and tons of quality-of-life improvements to make your journey even smoother. We can’t wait for you to dive back into Shovel Knight’s epic journey and experience this expansive and FREE addition to the game.

New Content

Knightmare Mode

Something truly evil must be brewing down in the well! This mode is intended as a special challenge to players! Each Knightmare stage will augment your run into an even harder version of itself with options like “Unending Endurance” (where the well expands, making each stage longer) or “Robust Rogues” (bosses now have 50% more HP). Each challenge stacks, so make sure to hone your digging skills before progressing! Knightmare mode will track your progress and show the furthest you’ve gone. Each trip down the well will bring you closer to discovering the secrets lying at the bottom.

New Friend, Fetcher

At the end of each stage, Fetcher will be waiting at the bottom of the well to fetch you, and bring you up! For 625 Gems, he’ll give players a chance to exit the well mid-run to save their gold and return to the HUB.


As players complete feats, keepsakes awarded for their many accomplishments will decorate the HUB

New Compendium Additions

New sections to the Compendium have been added! Track Enemies, Sign, Mementos, and Food encountered during your trips down into the well

New Music Track

A new track for Mushroom Mines has been added! Now the game will pick from the original track or the new track to play when you start your dive into the well.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • Item improvements based on player feedback.
  • Seeds are now available in the Menu allowing players to set specific Seed
  • (Note: Steam version only).
  • Level design adjustments and additions.
  • You can now turn off auto-downthrust (Shovel Drop) in Menu.
  • Added a new camera “Look Up/Down” feature.
  • Food/Enemies/Signs have been added to the Compendium.
  • Key order adjustments.
  • Seen cutscenes are now skippable.
  • Food & Max HP balancing.
  • Item improvements based on player feedback.
  • Balance adjustments for Tombola food chances.


  • Fixed locations.
  • More improvements with Comet Collar interactions and enemies.
  • Fixed: Levels where inadvertent overlap occurred with moving platforms in Mushroom Mines.
  • Fixed: Siderooms generating unreachable secret walls in Mushroom Mines.
  • Lowered difficulty of some rooms in Smeltworks where you’d be forced to take damage to progress.
  • Fixed: War Horn and Bubble Frog Relic fixes involving loss of gravity applied to the player.
  • Fixed: The War Horn allowed the player to pass through moving platforms
  • Bubble Frog: You can float outside of the Hive Boss fight.
  • Fixed: Mushroom: Unable to bounce off a mushroom cap when the mushroom cap is on a moving platform.
  • Fixed: Bug where the Flare Wand and Griffoth could destroy eggs and wooden keys.
  • Fixed: Fenix ​​Feather: Getting killed from a following bomb and falling to a new stage while having a Fenix ​​Feather makes the player unable to move after reviving.
  • Fixed: Dirt balls without Beetos could fall through collision when jumped on by Shovel Knight
  • Fixed: Sacrifice Room – Boomerang Shovel: You can start the cutscene while the Boomerang is active, causing visual inconsistencies.
  • Fixed: Omega Saw: Waiting for the Omega Saw near the entrance of a horizontal connector will cause the camera to flick around.
  • Fixed: Torpeeto would get stuck ramming into walls and became unkillable
  • Fixed: Using the Blizzeo wand on a Torpeeto while it is turned on its back causes the Torpeeto to not flip over.
  • Fixed: Torpeeto would pass through the dirt when falling down.
  • Fixed: Drill Lances: Entering a side room during their attack would cause visual inconsistency.
  • Fixed: Many potential Ghost Cast soft locks.
  • Fixed: When Shovel Knight is in the Screwdriver Cutscene with a Follow Bomb, the bomb would continue to countdown and explode. It could kill Shovel Knight in the screwdriver room cutscene.
  • Fixed: Relic: If a dropped Relic traveled through a portal, it became a white/gray orb and stayed in that state.
  • Fixed: Drill Capsule: Buff icon can flicker and would remain longer on screen if you spam the jump button.
  • Fixed: The Lancemorpher Feat can be unlocked on Tinker Knight’s first stage.
  • Fixed: Hive Knight would continue to use a long jump after his angry phase was over.
  • Fixed: Drill Soldiers would not damage Shovel Knight if the player stands at the edge of a platform.
  • Fixed: Grub Spawners placed on ceilings would not drop gems.

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