Sin Chronicle, the Japan-exclusive mobile JRPG, shutting down after only one year in service

Sin Chronicle, the Japan-exclusive mobile JRPG, shutting down after only one year in service

SEGA has announced that its one-year-old mobile RPG Sin Chronicle is officially ending support and closing its doors come May of this year. After releasing exclusively for Japan in 2022, it was touted to be a true RPG experience with an impactful storyline action-focused combat full of various worlds to explore and deep character-centered drama.

As I always tend to mention when it comes to these shutdown articles, it’s always a bummer to hear a mobile project is coming to an end. This is especially the case for Sin Chronicle, as it is barely a year old and had a lot of big names within the JRPG industry working on it, including the likes of composers from Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.


And as is nearly always the case, the reason for the shutdown can only be speculated. The easy answer is it just simply couldn’t keep up the fanbase to necessitate keeping it running, as these sorts of live-service mobile RPGs are quite expensive to maintain, but I’d be willing to bet the exclusivity within only Japanese regions was likely part of the reasoning. The mobile gaming market is massive over there, and it’s tough to compete, especially within such a popular genre.

Still, there is a silver lining here. The 1-year anniversary event for Sin Chronicle will still run quite soon and will hand out a bunch of freebies to allow players to experience all of the content in the game before it does officially shut down. So, if you’ve had eyes on the game but never got around to it, you can catch up essentially for free, though you’ll be on a pretty strict time limit.

If you’d like to do so, you can download Sin Chronicle for free, assuming you’re within Japan, at either of the links below!

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