Skullgirls tier list of all characters

Skullgirls tier list of all characters


S Tier

Djinn Frizz character in Skullgirls

As always, in S Tier, you will find the best characters in the game, letting you win any battle without any problems. However, getting them is not that easy, as it will take a lot of time to level up and evolve.

  • Djinn Frizz
  • Creature Of Habit
  • Claw&Order
  • Class Cutter
  • Dream Demon
  • Fly Trap
  • buzz kill
  • Beast King
  • bad hair day
  • Death Wish
  • Premium
  • Love Crafted
  • Harlequin
  • Headhunter
  • freaky friday
  • Fire Branded
  • Eager Deceiver
  • Wetwork
  • Very stylish
  • Surgeon General
  • Summer Salt
  • star shine
  • Shadow Puppet

Djinn Frizz

Djinn Frizz is a diamond fire-type variant of Filia. She is one of the best offensive fighters as she can deal massive damage and gain random buffs. And in this way, she can further increase her attack.

buzz kill

Buzzkill is a gold air-type variant of Painwheel. She is also an attacking fighter, with a high damage stat that can destroy almost any defense by casting a Heavy Bleed. Buzzkill increases her damage when the enemy’s health falls below a certain threshold.

Very stylish

Tres Chic is a diamond dark-type variant of Valentine. She is great for both offense and defense as her abilities can buff her and debuff enemies. When Tres Chic is in her half of the field, she gains Armour, Thorns, or Barrier. And when she moves to the opponent’s half, along with crit hits, she can apply Armor Break, Death Mark, or Bleed.


A Tier

Next is A Tier. It also contains very strong characters, and although they are inferior in effectiveness to S Tier, you can still defeat opponents with ease.

  • Freeze Frame
  • Frayed Ends
  • Number Cruncher
  • fly trap
  • Epic Sax
  • Doublicious
  • Criminal Mind
  • Fur Monger
  • Diva Intervention
  • Bio-Exorcist
  • bloodbath
  • Bad Ms. Frosty
  • Star Spangled
  • jawbreaker
  • Blitz & Glamor
  • Kill Joy
  • jaw breaker
  • Heavy Handed
  • Hack n’ Splash
  • Poltergust
  • Unholy Host
  • Phantom Threads
  • Parasite Weave
  • Overclocked
  • Neuromancer
  • Mummy Dearest
  • MeanOne
  • Unfazed
  • Raining Field
  • Rainbow Blight
  • Purrfect Dark
  • Purrminator
  • Space Case
  • snake-bite
  • Silent Kill
  • Sheltered
  • shadow ops
  • RogueAgent
  • Risky Ginger
  • Xenomorph
  • Vaporwave Vixen
  • Wunderkind
  • Martial Outlaw
  • Wulfsbane
  • Corrosive agent
  • Toad Warrior
  • Thrill Shrieker
  • Star Crossed
  • Psycommander
  • Star Spangled
  • stand-out

Epic Sax

Epic Sax is a gold light-type variant of a Big Band. This offensive fighter increases damage depending on the number of combos. Also, Epic Sax can gain random buffs.

Mummy Dearest

Mummy Dearest is the gold light-type variant of Eliza. She does not have the highest damage but compensates for it with survivability. Using Special Moves, she can quickly fill up the Blockbuster meter and then gain Blessing and Immunity.


Wulfsbane is a gold dark-type variant of Beowulf. While throwing his opponents, this fighter can inflict Heal Block and Cripple. Moreover, it can deal increased damage against enemies with debuffs.


B Tier

In B Tier, you can also find good characters that can defeat most opponents. However, they are less versatile than those in the S and A Tiers.

  • Dragon Brawler
  • Dark Might
  • Chameleon Twist
  • Windswept
  • Candy Crusher
  • Brain Freeze
  • Biting Cold
  • beat box
  • Assassin’s Greed
  • High Ruler
  • Ageless Wonder
  • Apparent Hair
  • Graveyard Shift
  • Gang Green
  • Galactic Glamor
  • Furry-Fury
  • Fresh Heir
  • firefly
  • Evergreen Evil
  • dream catcher
  • Dream Band
  • Idol Threat
  • hype-man
  • Heavy Reign
  • Heavy Metal
  • Heart of Darkness
  • Headstrong
  • Meow & Furever
  • Materia Girl
  • Ivy League
  • Vector Protector
  • Inner Pieces
  • Inkling
  • Plot Twisted
  • Wizard Persona
  • Pea Shooter
  • nunsense
  • ninjastar
  • Ms Trial
  • MoonStruck
  • Model Leader
  • Scarlet Viper
  • Rusty
  • rock star
  • Soul Crusher
  • Red Velvet
  • Puddle Pirate
  • lady slayer
  • Prototype
  • X-Bot
  • Wind Swept
  • Wind Stalker
  • Time Thief
  • Tidal Traveler
  • Terror Byte
  • Splitting Image
  • WildChild
  • ultraviolent
  • Timeless Hero
  • soul sister
  • Solar Flair
  • Lethal Weapon

Assassin’s Greed

Assassin’s Greed is a diamond light-type variant of Valentine. She is one of the most enduring defensive fighters. She can reduce HP and inflict Bleed on enemies who use Blockbuster. Moreover, she can regenerate up to 5% HP per second when near an enemy with Bleed.

Meow & Furever

Meow & Furever is a gold light-type variant of Ms. Fortune. By losing health, she can gain Final Stand and Precision. Moreover, after Final Stand expires, Meow & Furever will stun the enemy and inflict Death Mark.

Time Thief

Time Thief is a gold fire-type variant of Ms. Fortune. This fighter is perfect for both attack and defense thanks to survivability and high damage. Time Thief can apply Death Mark to an enemy when hit with a head throwing. Moreover, when exiting Headless Mode, she restores a large portion of her lost health.


C Tier

While B Tier characters can cope with most opponents, C Tier characters can only be effective against certain foes. Therefore, it is better not to use them if you can help it.

  • Dreadlocks
  • Dead Heat
  • Coldstone
  • Fan Favorite
  • Vintage Virtuoso
  • Blue Bomber
  • Bloody Valentine
  • Blood Drive
  • Golden Gunner
  • Bassline
  • Armed Forces
  • Hellcat
  • Grim Fan
  • GrayMatter
  • Freedom Fighter
  • Feline Lucky
  • Feathered Edges
  • Bad Ms Frosty
  • M-3OW
  • last hope
  • Lapis Luxury
  • Just Kitten
  • Infernal Twin
  • Immoral Fiber
  • Icy Hot
  • No Egrets
  • Night Terror
  • Myst Match
  • Megasonic
  • Oh May
  • Nyanotech
  • number one
  • Robocopy
  • Re-run
  • Regally Blonde
  • raw nerv
  • Pyrotechnic
  • Private Dick
  • Prism Plumage
  • Princess Pride
  • That’s All Folks!
  • Tyrant Temple
  • School Sundae
  • StarChild
  • Sketchy
  • Salty
  • Wrestler X
  • weekendwarrior
  • Understudy
  • Twisted Mettle
  • Triple Threat
  • TrebleMaker
  • Tomb & Gloom

Princess Pride

Princess Pride is the gold light-type variant of Parasoul. She has a low attack but can live for a long time. When Princess Pride spawns Tear, she gains Regen. And then, by exploding Tears, she can restore her HP.


M-3OW is a bronze light-type variant of Robo-Fortune. This fighter has a very low attack stat. However, she can deal a lot of bonus damage while at a distance from the enemy. She can also gain Invincible while at a distance from the enemy. But once your opponent gets close, the M-3OW becomes an easy target.

Infernal Twin

Infernal Twin is a bronze fire-type variant of Fukua. This fighter can enrage attacks and block enemy attacks, so Infernal Twin can deal good damage. However, against strong opponents, it won’t be that effective.


D Tier

The Skullgirls D Tier contains the weakest characters in the game, so you should avoid playing them.

  • Necrobreaker
  • Nearly Departed
  • In Denile
  • GI Jazz
  • Decrypted
  • Dead of Winter
  • blue-screen
  • big-top
  • Trigger Happy
  • Scared Stiff
  • Rough copy
  • Rose-Tinted
  • Resonant Evil
  • Rain Shadow
  • Appropriate Rage
  • wild card
  • Untouchable
  • Underdog
  • Stage Fright
  • Scrub
  • Cold Stones


Decrypted is a bronze dark-type variant of Eliza. She can deal increased damage depending on how many opponents are alive. However, she can’t even handle a defensive fighter from the same Tier due to her low base damage.

Resonant Evil

Resonant Evil is a silver dark-type variant of Big Band. He can gain Armor by taking damage from enemies. Also, having Armour, he has a small chance to Stun the enemy with his attack. Sadly, such protection will not save you from strong attackers in higher Tiers.


Untouchable is the gold water-type variant of Peacock. She can dodge all hit damage with a small chance and then gain Unflinching. Untouchable is a great fighter to try Peacock. However, after the first few battles, it’s best to find someone stronger.

That’s all you need to know about the Skullgirls characters tier list. And while you are still here, make sure to check our Path to Nowhere tier list. Also, feel free to check our Rainbow Six Mobile tier list.

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