Skylore: best class to pick

Skylore: best class to pick



The Guardian class is touted as one of the sturdiest people to ever set foot in Skylore. Players choosing to opt for the Guardian class will have no problem being the center of attention and attracting a ton of raging enemies at their faces due to the Taunt debuff that debuffs enemies to focus their attacks on you. As a Guardian, you will be wounded with boosted Defensive stats that help you mitigate and sustain a lot of damage. Coupled with high HP pools to lose, you’re going to be the punching bag for enemies. Do not let that shake you, as you are quite durable.

Guardian’s passive Living Armor helps them regenerate 3% of their MAX HP every second. The more you get hit, the more damage you will return back to the enemy with the help of your active ability Blade Barrier.



The Shadow class is your standard melee DPS-type character that can deal a ton of physical damage in a short span of time. Perfect for headhunting unaware enemies, the Shadow class possesses some powerful and quite literally vanishing abilities. The active skill Invisibility allows you to become Invisible for a short period of time. You will deal enhanced physical damage to the enemy during this state and become visible after the attack.

The active ability Shadowstep lets you teleport to a selected target and deal tons of physical damage to them. Shadow’s passive skill Hidden Threat provides them with enhanced Critical Hit Rate, Critical Hit Damage, Attack, and Movement Speed.



The Hunter class sees you role-play as a skilled archer that hunts their prey from a distance. Being a ranged DPS role, the hunter class is perfect for players who like to distance themselves from their enemies to get a better aim at them. The active skill Multishot allows you to deal multiple arrows at multiple enemies, each dealing physical damage. One of the core abilities of Hunters is their active ability Summon Spirit that allows them to release a spirit of random beasts, with each beast capable of dealing different effects to the enemies.

The active ability Leap lets you jump away from your current spot and leave a spirit of the boar in your place. Hunter’s passive skill Survival Tactics provides them with a Barrier buff when they are below 25% HP.



The Mage class is possibly one of the most fun classes to play in Skylore. Shooting different types of spells from your magical wand, warping space-time to imbue magical abilities and escape, and dealing AOE-targeted magical damage to a group of enemies are just some of the perks of choosing this class. The active skill Ice Sphere deals AOE-targeted magical damage in a particular targeted area, slowing the enemy’s movement speed who are caught in the icy storm. The 2nd active ability Doppelganger allows you to create clones of yourself to confuse the enemy.

The 3rd active ability Teleport lets you move to a different space within range by warping space and time. Mage’s passive skill Secret Sight states that you deal more damage to enemies under 20% HP, enhancing their execution capabilities.



The Alchemist class is the only support class in the game and sees you taking on the role of a healer and buffer for your teammates. Granted, the Supportive classes are generally looked down upon due to their unattractive solo gameplay styles, but they are undoubtedly the core of any proper team in any content of the game. Further, Skylore allows the Alchemists to even diversify as damage dealers instead of being pigeonholed as textbook healers.

The active skill Transmutation Circle creates a huge circle around you that deals magical damage to enemies inside the circle while healing all allies inside the circle. The 2nd active ability Protective Barrier helps you create a beefy barrier for yourself and a selected ally. Alchemist’s passive skill No Room for Error increases their healing efficiency by 20% when under 50% of their MAX HP.



The concept of a definitive best class does not exist in Skylore, sadly. The game has a lot of complex mechanics that benefit different classes as each of them have separate playstyles. However, we did experience some benefits of choosing certain classes over others, especially if you are a new player. The Hunter class seems to be the most adaptable as it can deal a ton of damage from range while having the capabilities to easily dodge incoming attacks. If you’re into head-to-head combat, then we would suggest the Assassin Class which allows you to deal burst damage to enemies without getting caught due to your Invisibility.

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