Smite: Best Build for Ix Chel

Smite: Best Build for Ix Chel

Ix Chel has made her way to the battleground of the gods, becoming a playable character in Smite. She is a powerful magic user, and you can use her abilities to unleash horrific damage on her enemies and assist her allies.

When playing as Ix Chel, there are several notable items you’ll want to use to build on her, depending on how you use her. Traditionally, she’s going to be used in the Middle Lane. Here’s what you need to know about how to build Ix Chel in Smite.

How to build Ix Chel in Smite

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As a Mage, Ix Chel will be a ranged magic user. You primarily want to focus on building her with damaging Magical items, but you might find suitable choices that boost the movement speed she gives her allies.

The best relics

When starting out as Ix Chel, you’ll be torn between what type of relics you should build with her. The first option will likely be Purification Beads, a good item to make it easier for her to escape any hard crowd control abilities or roots that might keep in a single location for too long.

Before you can build into your second relic at level 12, Ix Chel will need to select a Shard. We recommend going with Horn Shard, giving increased cooldown to Ix Chel’s abilities when activated.

After this, the second relic you’ll want to grab will be Aegis Amulet. Similar to Purification Beads, it should provide Ix Chel with a suitable escape, preventing her from taking damage for a short period of time. This is one of the best choices to ensure she can survive heavy damage, but only for a short time.

The best starter item for Ix Chel

The next item you want to select is Ix Chel’s starting items. For a Mage primarily focused on damage, her choices will be between Vampiric Shroud, Sands of Time, and Conduit Gem. Between the three, our primary choice will be Sands of Time, an item that should increase Ix Chel’s cooldown timer early in the game, allowing her to use her abilities throughout a match consistently.

Alternatively, swap out Sands of Time for Conduit Gem if you’re planning to build cooldown items already. This way, Ix Chel’s abilities will hit harder throughout the match, giving your foes additional reasons to stay away from you, but this could likely turn you into a more desirable target for the enemy team.

Ix Chel ability level order

These are the abilities you should level up while playing as Ix Chel.

  • 1: Gleaming Blast – 1/3/6/7/10
  • 2: Lunar Summon – 2/15/16/18/19
  • 3: Rainbow Crash – 4/8/11/12/14
  • 4 (Ultimate): Great End – 5/9/13/17/20

The best items for Ix Chel

When building Ix Chel, the damage will be your primary focus, and you’ll want to boost this as much as possible. We recommend doing your best to remain behind your frontline companions, firing abilities at your foes from the backline, providing additional support to your team using Rainbow Crash, and healing allies using her ultimate ability, Great End. Here’s a standard build of what you should expect for Ix Chel.

  • Pendulum of Ages
  • Book of Thoth
  • Bancroft’s Claw
  • Soul Gem
  • SoulReaver
  • Spear of the Magus

This is a good starting point for testing Ix Chel to see if you meld with her playstyle. You can freely exchange some of these items to find more helpful choices, and these options will change based on your situation and the enemy team you’re fighting. Here are more choices for Magical Penetration items you might want to use.

  • Spear of Desolation
  • Obsidian Shard
  • Charon’s Coin
  • Doom Orb

However, if you need more defensive items on Ix Chel or want to build an item or two to make her more difficult to deal with, there are a few options you can swap in to make that happen.

  • Mantle of Discord
  • Magi’s Cloak
  • Pridwen
  • Stone of Binding

Another struggle you might deal with is keeping Ix Chel healed. You can compensate for this by adding more lifesteal items to your kit, earning health when you damage enemies.

  • Bancroft’s Talon
  • Typhoon’s Fang
  • Polynomicon
  • Pythagorem’s Piece

How you build Ix Chel will be up to you, and it all comes down to the type of enemies you’re fighting. Again, she will primarily be used in the Middle Lane, and expect her to be building damage throughout a match and securing enemy kills throughout a match.

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