Snowbreak: Containment Zone hits one million pre-registrations ahead of closed beta test

Snowbreak: Containment Zone hits one million pre-registrations ahead of closed beta test

Every day, we get closer to Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s release, which is Amazing Seasun’s upcoming sci-fi RPG shooter. They recently began sign-ups for a closed beta test taking place later this month, while pre-registrations for the game have been live since March. And in that short span of time, Snowbreak has already garnered over a million subscriptions.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone developers had already announced a bunch of pre-registration rewards for specific milestones, and most of them have already been hit now. So, when the game launches, everyone will receive 10,000 SilverBuck, 800 DigiCash, and 5 Valhalla Passes. It doesn’t end here, though.


If the game manages to amass two million pre-registrations before launch, then an exclusive skin and weapon will be given away as well. In addition, inviting others will add players to a Lucky Draw event, which features an iPhone 14 Pro and the Samsung S23 Ultra as a few prizes.

Meanwhile, a new trailer also dropped on Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s YouTube channel, which takes a deep dive into Lyfe Bestla, one of the game’s leading characters. She’s quite the powerhouse thanks to her access to a powerful arsenal of weapons including submachine guns and reconnaissance drones. Layla’s agility does a good job of complementing her tech.

Until now, the game held a small-scale test on Android last month. Since then, the developers have worked quite a bit on the feedback, resulting in another playtest, which has been extended to Android, iOS, and PC. It will feature all the latest developments alongside support for ten languages.

Get ready to fight the relentless and ferocious titans by pre-registering for Snowbreak: Containment Zone for free using your preferred link below. If you’re interested in participating in the closed beta test, then sign up for it through the official website.

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