Sons of The Forest team has ‘big plans’ revealed in Reddit Q&A

Sons Of The Forest Team Has Big Plans Revealed In Reddit Q&A Tools

In a recent post-launch Q&A via Discord and Reddit, the team behind Sons of The Forest revealed answers to many questions about ‘big plans’ it has for updates. Endnight Games chose to answer a variety of questions, detailing the future of the game and what it’s working on. These questions revolved around improvements to AI, better transportation, and many more features. Sons of The Forest released in Early Access on February 23, and is scheduled to stay in pre-launch development for around 6-8 months.

Sons of The Forest team details future ‘big plans’

One of the game’s most compelling features is its AI companions, Kelvin and Virginia. In this Q&A, one of the questions about these lovable companions was answered, wondering if these two will be scaled better for late-game difficulties. Endnight plans to give Kelvin more tasks to complete, such as helping build walls, or repairing your base. Virginia is a different companion, who you can befriend later on. The developer hopes to give Virginia more bravery if she has a weapon, or depending on how many enemies she has killed.

Sons Of The Forest Team Has Big Plans Revealed In Reddit Q&A

When asked about faster forms of transportation, Endnight said it didn’t want to reveal much yet. While it has some fun ideas, the team doesn’t want to go into too much detail in case those ideas don’t work or aren’t as fun as once thought. Many other popular questions got answers, like one pertaining to a future console port. So far, Endnight doesn’t have any solid plans, and is focused on polishing the PC release. Although, it did state that bringing Sons of The Forest to PlayStation or Xbox would be exciting.

Another question surrounded more crafting options, which it said there will be more of. Endnight also said that another character who wasn’t ready for launch is planning to come, as well as a more robust cooking system. The team also confirmed certain things that weren’t in the works, such as more wildlife, improved gore mechanics, and an update roadmap. The reason behind no roadmaps is the fear of promising features that don’t end up making the final cut.

There are many other answers and plans revealed in this thorough Reddit Q&A from the team behind Sons of The Forest. Endnight Games seems to care about their community’s thoughts, and will hopefully pull off a successful final release once Early Access ends.

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