Sony announces Meet Your Maker will be a day 1 release for PlayStation Plus subscribers


Today, Sony has revealed that you’ll be able to build your base and lure in other players to meet their end in search of precious materials in Meet Your Maker from day one. All you need to do is be a PlayStation Plus subscriber in April, and you’ll get the game as part of the monthly offering.

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Meet Your Maker is a title that seems to have incredible depth for those willing to invest in its mechanics fully. As Sony confirmed in a PlayStation Blog post today, when it launches on April 4, it will be available to download as part of the PlayStation Plus free games for the month. The game was revealed last year during Behavior Interactive’s first publisher showcase. The asymmetrical nature of the title and the constant battle between killers and those trying to survive against the odds is a perfect fit for the company behind Dead by Daylight.

Last year Behavior Interactive held a closed alpha test for the game, which was met with some very positive feedback from fans. The post-apocalyptic aesthetic and grotesque character designs drew players into the world, something that’s sure to happen again next month when even more people get their hands on the final version.

Meet Your Maker is an asymmetrical base-building game with a twist. You must build a base in the wasteland to protect precious resources that are being automatically mined to help feed the ominous creatures you’ve dedicated your life to. However, other players will come to take what you have, so you must equip your base with traps and guards to take them down.

You’ll face similar obstacles when you head out into the world to steal resources from other players, feeding the endless cycle of death that leads you to build bigger and more complex death traps. The aim of the game is to raid as many bases as possible, use the materials you steal to upgrade your own base, and feed the creatures lurking behind the scenes to unlock deadlier traps and build the ultimate stronghold.

There are many ways to play this game, and all will help you to build and become a better raider. You could make a near-impossible maze for others to get lost in or fill corridors with traps that only have one survivable route. You could also ignore both routes and make a grand structure that invites raiders into a pit of death against dozens of enemies. As a raider, you have the choice to get the goods and leave or tackle every room to earn more rewards. Every run can be watched by the builder, which will help inform them of the weaknesses in their base and allow them to improve. This push and pull will lead to some incredible builds, but also highly-skilled raiders who can conquer every base they come up against. With so many ways to play, Meet Your Maker stands a good chance of fostering a dedicated player base that log in day after day to see what’s new and find new ways to kill or be killed.

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