Spider-Man 2 Release Date Hinted at September 2023

Spider-Man 2 Release Date Hinted at September 2023

It seems that the potential Spider-Man 2 release date for the PS5 could be coming in September according to Venom’s voice actor for the game, Tony Todd, who may have said too much on Twitter. While it’s still surprising to see their tweets up, perhaps that will change in the next few hours. However, for now, it seems that they have given us a good look at what could be the biggest month for the PS5 this year.

Spider-Man 2 Release Date Hinted By Voice Actor

Spider-Man 2 is easily one of the most highly anticipated titles for 2023. Sony confirmed earlier this year that the title will get a Fall 2023 release, and while we only have a singular trailer to go off for the game, with no gameplay shown off for the title ever since the reveal trailer, fans are none the less excited after the massive success of Spider-Man (2018), Miles Morales, and Spider-Man: Remastered. All of the games were well received by critics and fans, so there is little doubt here on Insomniac’s ability to keep fans happy even without showing gameplay for over 2 years.

In their tweet, Tony Todd says that the release date could be September of this year, with commercials set to drop for August, which could make sense. However, we are still in awe over how a voice actor is getting away with giving such information and it still not being deleted by now.

In addition, Andy Robinson, who is also a routine insider, also reiterates the news that the September release date is also what he has heard as well.

For now, all we can do is wait and see what happens in the future.

Spider-Man 2 is going to launch exclusively for the PlayStation 5 in Fall 2023.

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