Splatoon 3’s Second ‘Big Run’ Was Even More Competitive Than the First One; Here Are the Results

splatoon 3 salmon run big run


I’m never going to get that gold Big Run trophy, am I?

The second Big Run event in Splatoon 3 took place over the weekend, and trophies are being awarded based on how players performed compared to others who took part. This time, the competition was even more fierce than the first Big Run that took place in December.

Big Run is the twist on the Salmon Run game mode in which Salmonid swarms take over a normal Turf War stage. This time, players defended Inkblot Academy from the hoards. Each player’s score was determined by the highest number of eggs their team collectively gathered in a round of three waves.

The top 5% of players received gold trophies, the top 20% received silver trophies, and the top 50% received bronze trophies. Everyone in the bottom 50% received participation trophies.

Here’s the high score (number of eggs) needed in order to get each trophy:

To receive a gold trophy, players needed to have a high score of 141 eggs or more. For a silver trophy, players needed 117-140 eggs. For a bronze trophy, players needed 90-116 eggs. Anyone who collected 89 eggs or lower received a participation trophy.

Compared to the previous Big Run event, getting each trophy was even harder this time around. The number of eggs needed was even higher than before. You can view the results of the first Big Run right here.

To claim your trophy, all you have to do is start up your game and watch the results displayed on the newscast. Then, you’ll receive whichever trophy you earned, which can be used to decorate your locker.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in this very first Big Run event, there will be more in the future. There is no set schedule for when they occur, but like Splatfest events, they will be announced in-game a week or two ahead of time.

For more recent Splatoon 3 news, you can check out everything included in the Fresh Season 2023 update, which just started last week.

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