Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Released With New Content & Features Ahead of Free Fly Event

Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Released With New Content & Features Ahead of Free Fly Event

Today StarCitizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a new large update to its growing game, bringing new content and features.

The update numbered 3.19 and titled “Call to Adventure” comes just two days before the beginning of Invictus Launch Week 2953, one of the biggest events for StarCitizen fans.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the major features in the update:

PVP Event at Ghost Hollow
Deep in the microTech wilderness lies the crumbling remains of an outlaw settlement once used for counterfeiting credits. And, if the rumors are true, it’s back up and running…Embrace the cold and leave civilization behind in pursuit of Ghost Hollow’s bounty. Just be careful, competition for control of the credit terminals is bound to get heated.

New Component Salvage
Ripping wrecks apart just got easier thanks to component salvage. Now, you can use the hand-held tractor beam to remove intact engines, powerplants, and more from abandoned ships and reuse them or scrap them for profit. This initial version also lays the foundation for moving and placing cargo via ship turrets, which is planned for release soon in a coming patch. Visit the full Salvage Guide for everything you need to know.

New Salvage Missions
Waste not, want not. Make a career salvaging destroyed or abandoned vehicles across the ‘verse with all-new salvage missions. Whether you play by the rules and only claim what’s yours, risk it all for a vulnerable haul, or break into secure space to take what you can, there’s serious money to be made in the Salvage game.

Stability & Persistence Upgrades
Alpha 3.19 includes countless backend upgrades that will benefit everyone exploring the ‘verse. You can expect increased stability, more predictable item persistence, and a smoother overall experience from the second you enter Stanton.

Improved New Player Experience
Star Citizen features a beautiful sprawling universe full of wonder, adventure, and action. However, it’s easy for new citizens to feel overwhelmed as they take their first steps into life in the 30th century. So, from Alpha 3.19, a whole-new guided mission will welcome new players to the ‘verse, including showing them how to get around, use the mobiGlas, and fly a ship in atmosphere and in space.

Lorville City Upgrade
Jump to Hurston and set a course for the industrial city of Lorville, a brutalist behemoth nestled in the remains of long-abandoned mines and weapons testing sites. One of Star Citizen’s earliest planetary locations, Lorville has been given a huge overhaul, with an all-new layout, revamped buildings, and a sense of scale that must be seen to be believed.

Mining Gameplay Enhancements
Alpha 3.19 introduces a much-improved mining experience for solo and multi-crew players alike, including a new UI that gives clearer, more detailed information on progress, risks, and more. And with updates to tools, ore deposits, refining, and selling, miners must now travel the system to get the best return on investment and embrace the added risks and rewards that may bring.

The Invictus Launch Week which starts on May 19 and ends on May 30 will come with a “free fly event” that will let perspective players try the game without spending any money for the whole duration of the event, while also being able to play with most of the ships available in the game.

It’ll include the reveal of a new ship and the new player experience may help these novices feel less disoriented when they first spawn in the game’s massive solar system, while the overhauled Lorville cityscape will have a chance to dazzle them.

This new update is an opportunity for Cloud Imperium Games to recover from the rough launch of 3.18, and we’ll have to wait and see if they managed to capitalize on it.

In the meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of 3.19 below.

In the meanwhile, StarCitizen‘s growing crowdfunding campaign continues to make progress and the overall tally has recently passed $570 million ($570,266,024 at the time of this writing) pledged from backers.

The number of registered users has also recently passed 4.5 million and it’s now at 4,578,151, albeit not all of them are paying since many register accounts to access the free fly events. According to the latest information that creative director Chris Roberts himself shared in October 2022, 1.7 million players are actually paying customers. Of course, that number is a few months old, so it’s probably higher now.

Full disclosure: the author of this post has backed Star Citizen all the way back when its crowdfunding was first launched in September 2012.


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