Star Citizen Video Shows New Pocket (TIE) Fighter Mirai Fury Before You Can Fly for Free Tomorrow

Star Citizen Video Shows New Pocket (TIE) Fighter Mirai Fury Before You Can Fly for Free Tomorrow

StarCitizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a new video showcasing a new fighter debuting tomorrow in the game.

The new ship is called “Mirai Fury” and it’s quite obviously inspired by Star Wars’ TIE Fighter. Mirai is a new specialist manufacturer and a subsidiary of MISC, and the Fury is basically a pocket fighter all cockpit and weapons, exactly like a TIE Fighter.

Another thing it has in common with its source of inspiration is the lack of a Quantum Drive. It’s designed to be carried by a larger ship and fly in and out of its hangar when it’s time to fight.

This is actually one of the most relevant innovations in StarCitizen, which features the ability for vehicles and ships to carry each other as long as they fit, in a completely seamless manner. A relatively large craft could carry several Fury and their pilots. At the first sign of danger, these pilots can board the Fury and fly out to do the fighting, and then be recovered after the threat has been defeated.

Two variants will be made available. The standard one comes with guns, while the Mirai Fury MX replaces the guns with tons of missiles, alongside the addition of a blast shield.

You can fly both for free tomorrow thanks to the free fly event that will continue until May 30 to celebrate Invictus Launch Week. Everyone will be able to simply register an account and download the game and play for the duration of the event, with a rotation of ships to freely enjoy on a daily rotation.

Incidentally, the event also lets you try the latest Alpha 3.19 build, so it’s a good chance to make your own opinion about the game, also thanks to an overhauled new player experience. In the meantime, you can watch the video below.

In the meanwhile, StarCitizen‘s growing crowdfunding campaign continues to make progress and the overall tally has recently passed $570 million ($570,733,754 at the time of this writing) pledged from backers.

The number of registered users has also recently passed 4.5 million and it’s now at 4,581,089, albeit not all of them are paying since many register accounts to access the free fly events. According to the latest information that creative director Chris Roberts himself shared in October 2022, 1.7 million players are actually paying customers. Of course, that number is a few months old, so it’s probably higher now.

Full disclosure: the author of this post has backed Star Citizen all the way back when its crowdfunding was first launched in September 2012.


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