Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Has a Dark Super Mario Reference

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Has a Dark Super Mario Reference

More Star Wars fans are getting the chance to check out Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the latest entry to feature Cal Kestis. He returns in this highly anticipated sequel that gives players far more open-world exploration, and even creatures they can mount to make running around much easier.

The achievement names in Jedi: Survivor have been excellent, hitting several Star Wars and culture references across the board. One achievement, in particular, perfectly connects the Jedi: Survivor player experience to Super Mario, but it hints at an extremely dark gameplay mechanic that made several fans chuckle.

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This Jedi: Survivor Achievement Has You Lose Your Mount, Parodying Mario

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The achievement is called “They’re probably fine,” and although the name does not invoke any references to the beloved Nintendo franchise, how you get it in Jedi: Survivor certainly does.

How it works is that players need to grab the ridable mount called a Nekko and ride it off a cliff. They then need to jump off of it, with the Nekko dropping into the great unknown below, but Cal needs to land somewhere, or land on a surface, and survive the encounter. The Jedi: Survivor achievement will unlock when this happens, exactly how Mario treated Yoshi in the Super Mario franchise.

It’s an excellently played reference, and when Cal performs the extra jump off the Nekko, it looks like Mario heavily inspired the developers to provide that mechanic. For many players, they likely found it helpful to reach specific locations while exploring Jedi: Survivor, which contains dozens of collectibles to track down.

Following the release of Jedi: Survivor, although the fans have been excited about the story, the improved gameplay, and many are enjoying Turgle, not everything is perfect. Several fans are dealing with PC optimization issues, and although EA is doing its best to try and patch in as many fixes as possible, it’s not a seamless process.

Hopefully, developers Respawn Entertainment and EA can continue working through patches to provide a better experience for players moving forward.

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