Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players Rejoice At Omitting Spiders Thanks To Arachnophobia Option

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Won’t Punish Players With Sequel Nerfs

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is just about in the hands of players, and while the excitement is buzzing for this sequel, some were concerned about a few of the creatures that we saw in the last game. Spiders seem to be a going thing in many video games nowadays, but also many players of those video games have arachnophobia.

Back in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order there are these creatures called Wyyyschokk’s, which are giant spiders that are quite unflattering. Having that terrible fear of spiders is being looked after by the developers at Respawn Entertainment this time though, which is something very exciting to see.

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Star Wars Jedi Fans Can Say Goodbye To Spiders

For those looking to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor but not wanting to deal with the terrifying creatures, they are in luck! There will be a feature available to toggle on that will remove all spiders from the game completely. This means that no spiders will show up in the game while this setting is turned on. Making it safe for those who want to avoid them.

On the Reddit post, there are many comments from soon-to-be players discussing how this feature is a lifesaver for them. Some players are okay with spiders in video games but not in real life, so if that’s the case, players can easily leave the trigger on, but seeing as it is opinion will be great for getting more game sales for those with arachnophobia.

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Knowing that these features are becoming more popular in video games is a very big positive for the industry, not only to increase sales, but also to get positive reviews from players who might have quit playing due to those spiders. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans can now enjoy the game in complete peace without all those eyes staring back at them.

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