Starfield Fans Are Really Hyped About Its Rocks

Starfield fans are loving the rocks


Get your rocks off!

Out of the legion of things to be excited for, it appears that Starfield’s fans are veritably fizzing at the bunghole to behold and experience the game’s… rocks. Yep, you read that right.

Indeed, over on Reddit right now, there’s an entire thread dedicated to celebrating how magnificent the space RPG’s rock formations are. I mean, whatever floats your interstellar boat, right?

Amazingly, the post boasts 2.3k upvotes at the time of writing, so for those thinking it’s just a sole geologist who’s just rocked up with an incredibly niche fascination with stones, you’d largely be off base. In fact, speaking of geologists, it wasn’t long before the ol’ rock scientists got in on the action.

Furthermore, not only were fans struck by how realistic and believable the rock formations in the game are, but some admitted that they’d love to see the process behind how Bethesda Game Studios managed to create them in such stunning fidelity.

From the looks of things, most folks who engaged in the thread agreed wholeheartedly with the Original Poster. In shorts, Starfield’s rock formations do look pretty darn good, well… as good-looking as rocks can be, I guess.

But how about you? Tell us, do you think this whole conversation is as dumb as a big ol’ bag of rocks? Or are you excited about checking out all of the rubbly goodness when Starfield drops later this year? Rock down to the usual place below to let us know.

Starfield launches on Sept. 6 on Xbox Series X|S and PC as well as day and date on Game Pass.

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