Starfield Might Be Coming to the Steam Deck, But It’s Not Confirmed Just Yet

Starfield Steam Deck compatibility


Stars in your…pocket?

It’s been a long time coming but Microsoft’s big interstellar console exclusive finally feels like it’s getting ready for takeoff. Indeed, with game director, Todd Howard, making the rounds recently, lots and lots of tantalising details have emerged. One that may’ve flown under folks radars was the tease of the potential for Steam Deck compatibility for Starfield.

Speaking to Kinda Funny Games’ XCast, the renowned 52-year-old developer spoke about some of the accessibility settings the team have been working on. Specifically, Large Font Mode cropped up in conversation, which is an incredibly useful accessibility option largely implemented for those who are visually impaired. However, following this, Howard soon shifts focus to how useful the feature is for different monitor sizes and even handhelds.

One thing that we’re leaning in on with this game is having a Large Font Mode, which really is important in an RPG where there’s a lot of stuff to read. So, it obviously comes into play with accessibility with various monitor sizes. I’m noticing that that’s really helpful when I play. There’s a lot more handheld devices coming out where you can stream these games or sometimes even play them even natively, and it really helps us there as well.

Todd Howard on Kinda Funny Games’ XCast

When asked specifically whether Starfield will be Steam Deck compatible, Howard was a little vague, and simply replied:

We’ll talk about that further down the road.

Todd Howard on Kinda Funny Games’ XCast

Of course, that doesn’t 100 percent confirm that Starfield will be Steam Deck compatible at launch, but it definitely sounds like Bethesda Game Studios are exploring the idea internally, which should bode well for a potential compatibility patch in the future.

In the meantime, would you be down for playing an epic game like Starfield on the Steam Deck? Or will you be playing it on the big screen? Sound off in the usual place down below to let us know.

Starfield is scheduled to launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC on Sept. 6, 2023.

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