Step-by-step guide to Encrypted Cipher quest in Fortnite

Step-by-step guide to Encrypted Cipher quest in Fortnite



First and foremost, you need to land in Anvil Square. Anvil Square is one of the leading hot drops for each match. Inside Anvil Square, you should find a hidden room beneath one of this city’s buildings. Just wander around the world until you see the quest pop-up indicator, showing you that you are close to the hidden room.

The hidden room is on the left side of the Reboot Van. Enter this building and then find the giant cabinet that will prevent you from entering the secret room. It is located in the corner of the room.

You need to destroy this cabinet and go down the stairs to find the secret area. There is an Encrypted Cipher located above the table. Interact with it, and you will access the second part of the quest.


STAGE 2 – 1.22.

The second part of the Encrypted Cipher quest can be completed without starting a new match. You need to head to the Faulty Splits and spray on a specific building here.

Still, if you don’t want to wander around the world, the quest requirements don’t have any restrictions on starting a new match. You can just start a new game and choose Faulty Splits as a landing location.

Once you are in Fault Splits, find the building with the “Splits Bowl” sign on the wall. Get on the top of this building and then spray to finish the second part of the Encrypted Cipher Quest. Even though it might sound straightforward, there is a nuance you need to know.

As of the first days of March, many players have been trying to complete the Encrypted Cipher Quest. So, when landing on Faulty Splits, consider that you will find at least ten enemies who will try to kill you and complete the quest. That’s why you might need a few tries to finish Stage 2.



Stage 3 seems to be the most straightforward part of the Encrypted Cipher quest. It is one of the stages that can be completed even on the first try.

First, you must land on the eastern side of Lonely Labs, one of the newest locations added in Chapter 4: Season 1. Here you will find three shipping containers, one of which is open.

Get inside the open crate and use the stairs to go down and enter the secret room. Inside the underground room, you will find a computer that should be used to finish Stage 3.

Take into account that Stage 3 shares the same issue as Stage 2. Many players land on Lonely Labs, so you might require a few tries to complete the 3rd stage. Everything depends on your luck.



Like Stage 3, Stage 4 is just about choosing an appropriate landing area. You must land on the Shattered Slabs and head to the northwestern cliff. Here you can encounter enemies, which is why it would be best to complete it at the mid stages of the round.

Once you are near the northwestern cliff, you will see a special glow from the ground. Interact with this glow to summon the Arcade machine. Congratulations!



The main reward you will get for completing the Encrypted Cipher Quest is 10K EXP for each stage of the Quest. Moreover, finishing three Encrypted Cipher Quests guarantees you a Circuitry Wrap. So, hurry up and complete them by March 10.

That’s it with Encrypted Cipher Quests in Fortnite. As you can see, the main difficulty here is trying not to get killed while trying to complete the quest.

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