Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Best Love Interests

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Best Love Interests

There are multiple love interests you can pick from for your character in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. The partner you choose for your character is important, and given the limited options you have to pick from, it can be vital to choose someone you want to share your farm with while playing A Wonderful Life.

With only a handful of choices, there are certain characters that stood out to us during our playthrough of the game, and we believe they’re worthwhile characters for you to attempt to romance. These are the best love interests for you to romance and marry in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

The Best Characters to Romance in A Wonderful Life

Of the eight characters you can choose to romance and marry in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, the best characters you should romance will be Molly, Lumina, Gustafa, and Gordy. It’s important to note that these choices are purely opinion-based. Some characters are easier to romance and marry than others in Forgotten Valley, though.


A Wonderful Life Gustafa
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Gustafa is one of the male characters you can attempt to romance with your character in A Wonderful Life. As a friendly, easy-going character in Forgotten Valley, Gustafa is one of the easier love interests you can choose to marry while playing the game. He’s someone who regularly enjoys playing music in town.

For anyone who wants a simple character to share their life with, Gustafa is an excellent choice. Not every character needs to be difficult to romance to have a fulfilling time while playing the game. Because of Gustafa’s warm nature, he’s also an excellent parent who will look after your children with you.

When attempting to romance Gustafa in A Wonderful Life, I recommend using Flowers, Curry, or Ores you dig up from the Dig Site. These are relatively easy gifts to offer Gustafa while playing the game.


A Wonderful Life Gordy
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Gordy is one of the new characters you can romance in A Wonderful Life, recreated for the remake. Unfortunately, even though Gordy is a character you can now romance in the game, he is easily the most difficult one your character can attempt to marry. This means you’re going to have to spend a good amount of time attempting to romance him and providing several gifts throughout your time in the game.

What makes Gordy an excellent partner is his warm attitude, but you do have to earn it. When you first meet Gordy in A Wonderful Life, he is gruff around the edges and has a tough-guy attitude. After getting to know him, Gordy is more than willing to share his more sensitive sidewhich influences the art he creates.

A good way to increase your relationship with Gordy is to gift him Eggs, Meals, Milk, or any Vegetables you farm in your garden in A Wonderful Life.


A Wonderful Life Lumina
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The next character I recommend as a romance option is Lumina. She’s Romana’s granddaughter, the one who lives in The Villa in A Wonderful Life. Lumina is another new dateable character you can choose to make your partner in the game. If you’re a player who played the original game, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, attempting to romance Lumina will be a brand new character experience to learn about while playing the remake.

Although Lumina is a shy character, romancing her can be a wonderful journey, and relatively straightforward, given her love for the gifts like Deserts, Eggs, and Strawberries. I highly encourage anyone to create a character with Lumina in mind and share the journey of starting a family with her in A Wonderful Life.


A Wonderful Life Molly
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Molly was one of the first characters I met in A Wonderful Life, who greeted me when I started to explore the rest of the town on my first day in Forgotten Valley. Although she’s described as a lonely character, she is extremely welcoming and warm whenever I shared a conversation with her. It makes her one of the better romance options, despite her history of having trouble keeping other boyfriends.

For anyone interested in romancing Molly, I recommend offering her Meals that do not contain fish and Coins you find at the Dig Site. These are great ways to build your relationship with her, and you share a lovely family back at the farm in A Wonderful Life.

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