Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Remake Animal Guide – Livestock, Products & Prices

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Remake Animal Guide – Livestock, Products & Prices

One of the best parts of any Story of Seasons game is raising a barnyard filled with adorable animals. A Wonderful Life, while not offering as many options as Pioneers of Olive Town, presents a healthy selection of well-loved critters to bring up in Forgotten Valley. This includes sheep, chickens, multiple types of cows, and many more.

** This guide is still in progress and will continue to update as we gather more information**

Raising animals is no small task, requiring daily brushing, snuggles, soothing words, and feedings. Players will want to increase the number of creatures in their barns slowly, ensuring they have enough money, time, and stamina to properly care for them. Below is everything to know about keeping animals in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, how much byproducts are worth, and how to get the best quality goods.

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How to Care for Animals in SoS: A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life Farmer
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Caring for animals is a daily task. Players will need to ensure they have tools like the Brush, Milker, Clippers, and Scythe to regularly care for each critter, and provide it with all its needs. Additionally, money will be needed to purchase bird feedand occasionally Fodderespecially in the first year before the barnyard is fully seeded with grass.

Tea Milker is obtained when Takakura presents players with their first cow, while the Clippers are obtained after purchasing a sheep. Tea Brush can be purchased from Van’s shop starting Spring of Year 1 on day 3 for 1,000G. Both the Milker and the Clippers can be upgraded over time through Van’s shop, but the Brush will remain a base item.

To care for and build relationships with animals, players will need to brush, talk to, hug, and feed their Barn animals daily, while they will need to talk to and hug any chickens living in the coop. It is also important to let the animals out into the yard during good weather. If it is raining, they must be brought inside immediately to prevent their health from decreasing.

Players can check their animal states using the blackboards on the far walls of both the coop and the barn.

All Animal Types & How to Get Them in SoS: A Wonderful Life

Players will be able to obtain Nine different animal types. Four of these will be cows. Below are all the animals, how to buy or unlock them, and how much they cost.

Picture Pet Name How to Obtain cost Product Type
A Wonderful Life Bull Male Normal Cow Ledger 2,500G N / A
A Wonderful Life Normal Cow Female Normal Cow Ledger 5,000G Normal Milk
TBD Male Brown Cow Ledger 10,000G N / A
A Wonderful Life Brown Cow Female Brown Cow Ledger 20,000G Brown Milk
TBD Male Marble Cow Ledger 10,000G N / A
A Wonderful Life Marble Cow Female Marble Cow Ledger 20,000G Marble Milk
TBD Male Star Cow Ledger 25,000G N / A
A Wonderful Life Star Cow Female Star Cow Ledger 50,000G Starmilk
A Wonderful Life Sheep Male Sheep Ledger 3,000G Wool
A Wonderful Life Sheep Female Sheep Ledger 3,000G Wool
A Wonderful Life Duck Male Duck Obtained in Chapter 2, in Year two of Summer if the Pond is purchased. 0G egg
A Wonderful Life Duck Female Duck Obtained in Chapter 2, in Year two of Summer if the Pond is purchased. 0G egg
A Wonderful Life Chicken Male Chicken Ledger 500G egg
A Wonderful Life Chicken Female Chicken Ledger 1,000G egg
A Wonderful Life Goat Female Goat Van during the Spring 40,000G Milk
A Wonderful Life Horse Horse Gifted by Takakura in Chapter 1 0G N / A
Floppy Dog A Wonderful LifeA Wonderful Life Pointy Eared Dog dog Found on the farm when moving in. There is a short ear and long ear version to pick between 0G N / A
TBD Cat Received from Romana on Year 3, Autumn Day 5. 0G N / A

All Animal Products & Values ​​in SoS: A Wonderful Life

Animals are a key part of success on the farm for their ability to give profitable products. Items like milk, eggs, and wool all sell for different amounts depending on the quality and the animal they came from. Additionally, Players can make Butter and Cheese with milk after building the Processing Room. Below are all the product types to obtain and their values.

It is also important to note that all animals begin by producing B Grade products. The C Grade occurs when the animals health and happiness are low.

Mother’s Milk Products

A Wonderful Life players who milk cows and goats for three days after giving birth will obtain Mother’s Milk. While the purpose of this milk is to be fed to baby animals, it can also be placed in the cheese and butter makers. The products made, Mother’s Butter and Mother’s Cheese, are not high in value, and cannot be shipped or cooked with. However, players will need to make these items in order to complete the encyclopedia entries for them.

All Milk Values

All Egg & Wool Values

How Many Times a Day Can You Milk A Cow In A Wonderful Life?

Unlike past story of seasons games, where cows can only be milked once a day, players can milk their cow twice a day in A Wonderful Life. To do this, milk your cows in the morningfeed them, and then come back to milk them again after 6 PM.

It is also important to note that cows must be fed twice a day as well to obtain high-quality milk, so make sure both their feed bins are always full first thing in the morning.

Processing Room Tips & Tricks in SoS: A Wonderful Life

Players can purchase the Processing Room for 150,000G from the farm Ledger. In this building, Cheese and Butter can be made from all cow and goat milk.

The Processing Machinery create products instantly, so players don’t need to worry about waiting for things to be done hours later. However, it is important to note the following things when using cheese and butter makers:

  • All cow milk will make the same butter and cheese, regardless of the species.
  • Cheese and Butter can be B, A, S, and S+ quality. The quality is determined by the quality of the milk used.
  • Brown Cow milk adds +1 quality level to butter.
  • Marble Cow milk adds +1 quality level to cheese.
  • goat milk is the most lucrative for earning money on milk and cheese.
  • Starmilk is wasted on cheese and milk. It will lose value when processed so do not use it.

Can Animals Get Sick and Die in SoS: A Wonderful Life

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Thankfully, animals do not get sick or pass away in the remake of A Wonderful Life. This means that even if animals are left outside, they won’t need medicine, or be at risk of passing away. However, not feeding or caring for your animals will impact their health, and lead them to produce the lowest quality products they offer.

How to Get Goats & Ducks in A Wonderful Life

Players can purchase Goats from Van during the Spring starting in year two. However, they only produce milk for a single year, making their 40,000G. While we wouldn’t advise purchasing them right away in Year Two, they are an excellent mid-game investment, as their milk sells for a high price. Be sure to give them plenty of attention to raise the product quality quickly.

Ducks however, are much less useful. If players Build a Pond, ducks will appear for free on their farm. However, the adorable little birds don’t produce anything new. They can lay regular eggs, fertilized eggs, and golden eggs – just the same as chickens. Players who like a little variety or who want to complete the encyclopedia will need to add them to their farms, but otherwise, ducks aren’t very useful.

How To Get Milk From A Goat After The First Year

Goats are the cash cow of livestock in A Wonderful Life, offering the highest value milk and processed goods. However, they stop giving milk a year after reaching adulthood or being bought. Thankfully, female goats can start giving milk again if they are bred and become pregnant.

For many, this is the best way to reach the coveted S and S+ rank milk quality that will make valuable Goat Milk and Goat Butter. Because of this, it is always good to have a few goats on hand and to get a male goat to avoid the cost of an out-of-farm breeding.

How To Breed Animals In SoS: A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life Foundation
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Players can breed their animals through several different methods. The easiest is for barn animals only. In the Ledger beside the shipping bin, players can buy breeding for their female livestock. This does not work for birds.

However, animals can also be bred by keeping two species of opposite genders. For chickens and ducks, this is the only way to get Fertilized Eggs. These can be set in the incubator within the coop to hatch for chicks, or they can be sold for a slightly higher price than regular eggs.

Once pregnant, players will need to watch for when the udders of female cows turn pink or when the cheeks of Goats and Sheep turn pink. This occurs after 20 days of pregnancy. They will then need to be separated into the breeding pen within the barn to safely give birth.

After a cow or goat has given birth, players will need to collect Mother’s Milk and feed it to the baby for 3 days. After this, the mothers will produce extra milk for 20 Days. baby animals take 10 days to fully mature, and must be hand fed every day until they are able to eat fodder.

Can You Crossbreed Cows in SoS: A Wonderful Life?

While not easy to do right away, players can crossbreed cows in a Wonderful Life.

This won’t make new cows, but players have a chance to get either species of the parent cows. For example, if you breed a Marble cow and a Star Bull, there is a chance to get either a Star or Marble calf. There is a 60% chance of the calf having the mother’s breedet un 40% chance the calf will take after the father.

This is particularly helpful for those trying to get expensive breeds early on, as Bulls are less expensive than cows.

How Many Animals Can You Have in SoS: A Wonderful Life

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Players will be able to have a total of 32 pets once the barn and the coop are fully upgraded.

At first, the Coop and Barn will both hold 8 pets each and can be upgraded once in the Ledger, increasing capacity to 16 pets each. Because of this, players will need to think about what animals they want to raise and sell extra male animals using the Ledger to make room for more females.

How to Get A Cat in SoS: A Wonderful Life

Players who have been to Romana’s mansion atop the hill over the village will notice she has several cats. While farmers start their journey with a dog, they’ll also be able to receive a cat from Romana once they reach higher friendship with the wealthy old woman.

We received our cat on Year 3, Autumn day 5. Romana arrives on the farm and explains she has found a stray and can’t keep any more cats at the mansion. Players can choose to keep or reject the cat. If kept, they can name it and it will wander the farmstead daily.

Cats can not be trained, and don’t have a special purpose other than to appear on the farm. For cat fans, this is likely disappointing. Despite the lack of functions or even the ability to snuggle, I am very happy to have my cat “Bat” on the farm, and was delighted to receive him alongside my pup.

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