Stuntfest: World Tour Is Now Jected: Rivals, Hits Steam Early Access Next Week

Stuntfest: World Tour Is Now Jected: Rivals, Hits Steam Early Access Next Week

THQ Nordic’s Stuntfest: World Tour has been given a name change and a Steam Early Access release date. Say hello to Jected: Rivals, which is scheduled to land on Steam via Early Access next week. It won’t cost you a penny to download and play it, either, since the game will be free-to-play.

Stuntfest: World Tour was originally unveiled last year as a wacky, over-the-top stunt driving and flying multiplayer title. The essence of that gameplay is still intact despite the new name change; Jected: Rivals doesn’t look to be reinventing the Stunfest wheels. You can check out the “reveal trailer” for Jected: Rivals right here.

In a press release, THQ Nordic and Thrown developer Pow Wow Entertainment promises the game will offer “50% action, 50% racing, 50% flying & crazy stunts, so it’s 200% fun”. Dubious math aside, Jected: Rivals will give you the chance to soar through the air in a combination of different vehicles, switching between them depending on which events call for what vehicle.

The Steam page for Jected: Rivals describes the game as a mixture of “extreme sports, vehicular destruction and break-neck speeds”. Matches will consist of 18 players duking it out to see who’s the fastest, and these will be elimination-style winner-takes-all tournaments, so there’s no glory in coming second.

Thrown‘s secret weapon is its titular “eject” mechanic, wherein you can launch yourself out of your vehicle and use a variety of different gadgets to try and achieve higher speeds. There’s a jetpack, of course, because a jetpack would probably have blinked itself into existence in this game even if the devs hadn’t put one in. You’ll also be able to use a glider and a grappling hook to master your environment.

You can check out Jected: Rivals on Steam next week, where it’ll be free-to-play “with optional DLC”, according to THQ. Let’s hope the monetization isn’t too aggressive, eh?


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