Summoners War: Chronicles releases major story update featuring the new Kontana continent

Summoners War: Chronicles releases major story update featuring the new Kontana continent

A couple of weeks ago, Com2uS released the first major update for its newly launched MMORPG, Summoners War: Chronicles. It introduced a plethora of content like new monsters, in-game events, and five new modes to the game. Today, the developers have dropped a major story update that brings to the fray the Kontana region.

Kontana is a new playable area in Summoners War: Chronicles. Called the Land of Ancients, this place holds a lot of history and even more things to do. It features a vast and colorful environment, waiting to be explored. Players will begin their expedition into this region by pursuing the villain Tefo and finding a way to solve a conflict between the Tuahas and Neotuahas.

But that’s not all this update will include. The developers have also added a new Monster story, in-game events for Kontana and other regions as well as a number of QoL improvements. Six-star Runes have been expanded with a higher Rune star grade and alchemy system that will further strengthen monsters.

The Rune system itself has been overhauled to make it more intuitive. Rune disassembly and filtering have become simpler, in addition to new features for Rune crafting, succession, and combination. Pioneer (Fire) is the new Monster who gets a story. It can be found in the Guard Journal Tab.

Gameplay should also feel smoother now with QoL changes being implemented. Players will now be able to get info on enemy squads in the battlefield, new matches in the Challenge Arena will begin from the result page itself, party restrictions for Galagos Ruins can be freely customised, and an automatic aiming/gathering/mining system will be added based on the Summoner’s account level.

Check out the new Kontana region by downloading Summoners War: Chronicles now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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