Summoners War: Chronicles, the popular MMORPG’s third iteration launches globally on Android and iOS

Summoners War: Chronicles, the popular MMORPG's third iteration launches globally on Android and iOS

Com2uS launched the third iteration of the superhit franchise, Summoners War: Chronicles a few months ago in North America and Korea. Today, the action MMORPG has expanded its reach in over 170 different countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, being published in more than 14 languages.

Summoners War: Chronicles is a game everyone has been waiting for. In its short pre-registration run, it amassed over two million subscribers. The franchise itself needs no introduction. It is best known for its strategic deck-building system and combat, with over 180 million downloads under its belt. Chronicles is set to bring back the same experience fans of the series have come to love.


Chronologically, Summoners War: Chronicles is a prequel, taking place before both Sky Arena and Lost Centuria. It is set in the Rahil Kingdom, where the citizens are basking in the peace and tranquility that has finally come after two massive wars. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long as a hidden villain surfaces with the goal of ultimate decimation.

The game will feature a humongous world, with five distinctive open worlds that will each offer a unique setting. Players will travel across vast grasslands, arid deserts, elven forests, frozen glaciers, and fiery volcanoes as they explore the world around them. It is also populated with a large bestiary of monsters, with some from Sky Arena being featured as well.

Like the other two titles, Chronicles will also see players create strategic combinations of monsters and use their various skills in battle. The combat system vastly differs as it is completely manual and players must team up with monsters during fights. The game can be played solo or co-op with friends. Additionally, PvP arenas are there for those looking to challenge others.

Begin your journey in the Rahil Kingdom by downloading Summoners War: Chronicles now for free. Check out the official website for more information.

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