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Super Auto Pets tier list for March 2023



When talking about such a lineup, players most commonly name it a ‘Summoning lineup.’ You may ask why the name is such, and the answer is very simple – the idea behind this lineup is that you can use pets like Fly, Turkey, Rooster, Sheep, Horse, or Spider to make your opponent spam attacks. The strategy is that it takes one round to destroy at least one pet. Leveling up the above characters will cause your opponent problems. This lineup can be described as strong, but it has its disadvantages. With this Super Auto Pets lineup, you can destroy almost any lineup that does not have proper resistance, but you might just find yourself in a losing situation if you meet the so-called ‘Sniper lineup.’



The idea of ​​this lineup revolves around the Llama, which you can get once you have access to your level 4 pets. The big advantage of the Llama is that it can regenerate itself. Because of this, there will be one extra space in the lineup that can be used to buy a pet. It is hard to imagine a Llama without a Turtle, so get it as well. The Bat, Deer, and Caterpillar would ideally go into this lineup too.

The only downside of this team is that if at the end of the game the 4v5 is not in your favor and the player has all 4 strong pets, you will lose.

To avoid this, upgrade your Llama to level 2 as quickly as possible.



The reason for this name lies in the pets that are in this lineup. These pets include the Skunk, Dolphin, Crocodile, Leopard, and Snake. In addition, the effects of these pets can be enhanced by Tiger or Parrot nearer the end of the game. Tiger, like Parrot, can perform a double hit. However, this line has a disadvantage. All pets in this group, except the Snake and Leopard, only attack a specific target. Skunk targets the pet with the most HP, Dolphin targets the pet with the least HP, and Crocodile targets the pet at the very end of the lineup.



It is hard not to mention Fish’s strength when it comes to direct combat. It has excellent stats and good abilities, which strengthen the team at the beginning of the game and in the middle as well.

Lineup strategy revolves around Fish and leveling it up to level 3 so you can buy a level 4 Bison afterwards. Level 1 pets are easiest to get to level 3 as they are available to you from the start of the game. You can get the most out of Fish’s ability. Moreover, if you add a Bison to the Fish as well, you will have an ultimate team. In addition to this pair, you can add a couple more pets. For example, Penguin would make a great addition as he also adds a stats bonus to the whole team. A skunk will fit in well with this team because it will make the strongest pet of your opponent weaker.

Snipers such as Dolphin can also fit in, as they will quickly disperse enemy pets at the start of a battle. And Monkey can help Bison increase his stats even faster.



The Parrot goes into so many teams, just like we mentioned above in the Sniper Lineup. He is extremely powerful, and when paired with something less-commonly-used, such as Turkey and Spider, it can actually work into something rather interesting.

With its ability to copy the skill of the pet in front, having it placed at the back behind the Turkey it’s going to turn into something easy and fun! Since Turkey gains strength with each summoned ally, with the Spider it can become rather OP.

You can also try pairing up the Turkey with the Sheep or Badger, for an element of surprise (more Rams from the Sheep!)


These Super Auto Pets lineups have already been tested and have shown great results. However, you should not be afraid to combine and experiment to create an even stronger lineup. This is the only way to get the upper hand over your opponents.

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