Super Mario Bros Wonder Brings Elephant Mario and Playable Daisy to Switch in October

Super Mario Bros Wonder Brings Elephant Mario and Playable Daisy to Switch in October
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A new 2D Mario platformer has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. Abandoning the “New” moniker of more recent titles, Super Mario Bros Wonder aims to reshape the genre with never-before-seen locales and powerups — including an elephant form. There are other features that many platforming fans might not be familiar with, from world-bending items to talkative flowers. It won’t be long before they can see these oddities for themselves, thanks to this game releasing on October 20, 2023.

This title seems to stretch the limits of what Mario and his friends can do — and quite literally, at that. From stretching bodies to shapeshifting into spiked balls, there are all sorts of new ways players can traverse levels. Classic actions like swimming and wall jumping return, and fans can also expect more classic powerups like the Fire Flower to make a comeback. There’s even the return of purple coins from Super Mario Odyssey, allowing some who play this title to more closely embrace it as a collectathon instead of just a platformer.

Some of the most notable additions are the characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. After primarily only appearing in spinoffs and sports titles, Daisy makes her first full-force return to a 2D Mario game since Super Mario Land all the way back in 1989. There are plenty of new enemies and other species as well, such as roller- skating Koopas, a friendly Wiggler-like creature, and even stretchy Goombas. Luigi, Peach, Yellow Toad, and Yoshi also make playable appearances, giving plenty of variety for fans of these familiar faces.

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The elephant form is another highlight of Super Mario Bros Wonder, though specifics on it haven’t been shared just yet. It seems to give Mario plenty of extra strength, though, effortlessly kicking away a Goomba with ease. The game will release in October, so fans won’t have to wonderful long about what other unique things it has to offer!

– This article was updated on June 21st, 2023

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