Super Unique Monster locations and rewards

Diablo 4 Super Unique Monsters Locations And Rewards

There are a plethora of enemies in Diablo 4, ranging from pretty easy to extremely difficult to beat. In Blizzard’s action RPG, you can find a certain type of enemy all across Sanctuary, which are Super Unique Monsters. These special enemies are challenging to fight, but rewarding to defeat. If you’re wondering what Super Unique Monsters are in Diablo 4as well as their locations and rewards, we have an answer below.

Diablo 4: Super Unique Monsters, explained

Super Unique Monsters in Diablo 4 are a special type of powerful enemy with much higher stats. Apart from boss enemies, these are the strongest enemies in the game. Each one has a name, and there are plenty scattered across Sanctuary.

What makes these enemies unique is the fact that they have higher health and damage outputs. Also, Super Unique Monsters have special abilities, making each one a feat to take down. Another interesting thing about them is that since each one has a name, they also have a backstory related to the lore of Diablo 4.

Once you take down a Super Unique Monster, they won’t respawn. Also, you won’t be fighting them alone, as they’re usually accompanied by hoards of enemies. They’ll drop some serious loot and gear, as well as Hidden Rares. These are rare items that are only dropped by these enemies. If you want to know the locations and rewards for all Super Unique Monster in Diablo 4keep reading.

Diablo 4 Super Unique Monsters Locations And Rewards Fractured Peaks

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Diablo 4: Fractured Peaks Super Unique Monsters

You’ll find Sir Lynna in the Kylsik Tray at the Frigid Expanse, and only at night. They’ll spawn just west of the Forsaken Quarry Dungeon. Sir Lynna’s Hidden Rare is the Darkbladewhich is a Sword that Rogues and Necromancers can use.

  • Darkblade edit:
    • +2.0 – 4.5% Shadow Damage
    • +5.0 – 9.0% Crowd Control Duration Bonus
    • +2.0 – 4.5% Damage over Time

Next up is rotspinterwho is in the Pallid Grave only at night. Their spawn location is west of the town Menestad. Upon defeating Rotsplinter, you’ll receive the Ring of Splintered Woodavailable for all classes.

  • Ring of Splintered Wood edit:
    • +18.7% Lightning Resistance
    • +18.7% Poison Resistance
    • +[1.4 -3.0%] Critical Strike Chance
    • +[4.5 – 8.0%] Poison Damage
    • +[9.5 – 13.0%] Damage to Close Enemies

Corlin Hulle is located at Sinner’s Pass in Sea of ​​the Heavens at night. They’re just northeast of the Hoarfrost Demise Dungeon. Corlin Hulle gives you the Staff of Elemental Commandwhich is good for Sorcerers.

  • Staff of Elemental Command edit:
    • +9.0 – 15.0% Lightning Damage
    • +4.0 – 9.0% Fire Damage
    • +4.0 – 9.0% Cold Damage

The last Super Unique Monster in Fractured Peaks is WrathfulOsgar Reede. During the night, you’ll find Osgar in the Bellowing Ravinealso The Pallid Glade, west of Nostrava. They drop the Mace of Blazing Furormade for Barbarians.

  • Mace of Blazing Furor edit:
    • +2.0 – 4.5% Fire Damage
    • +2.0 – 4.5% Attack Speed
    • +4.5 – 7.5% Movement Speed
Scosglen Map

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Diablo 4: Scosglen Super Unique Monsters

Gaspar Stilbian is one of the Scosglen Super Unique Monsters, located at Highland Wilds in The Scar. They spawn west of the Whispering Pines Dungeon. Gaspar Stilbian drops Outcast’s Handwrapswhich is for Sorcerers.

  • Outcast’s Handwraps edit:
    • [1-2] Ranks of Incinerate
    • [4.5 – 8.0%] Fire Damage over Time
    • Lucky Hit: Up to a [8.0 – 11.5%] Chance to Slow

Next you’ll find Garbhan Ennai did The Downs in The Harrowfield. Only during the night, you’ll find them right in the center of this sub-region. They’ll give you the Manhunter’s Breacheswhich is available to Druids.

  • Manhunter’s Breaches edit:
    • +[1 – 2] Rank of Rabies
    • +[6.0 – 12.0%] Damage for 4 seconds After killing an elite.
    • +[3.0 – 6.0%] Healing Received

Lord Eonan will spawn in the Dark Thicket area of ​​the DeepForest. You’ll find them north of the town Farobru. They drop a Blood Cursed Bandavailable to all classes.

  • Blood Cursed Band edit:
    • [6 – 25] Shadow Resistance
    • [6 – 25] Poison Resistance
    • +[4*100] Damage for 4 Seconds After Picking Up a Blood Orb
    • +[10.5 – 17.5] Blood Orb Healing
    • +[16.5 – 23.5] Damage to Close Enemies

Finally, Blind Odwyn is in The Shrouded Moorsat the southwest corner of the Blood Vale. Upon defeating them, you’ll receive the Blind Man’s Bellwhich is an amulet.

  • Blind Man’s Bell edit:
    • [4 – 18.54]% Resistance to All Elements
    • [5 – 12]% Control Impaired Duration Reduction
    • [17.5 – 31.5]% Damage Reduction while Injured
    • +X% Movement Speed ​​for [0.14 – 0.28] Seconds After Killing an Elite
    • +4*100% Damage for 4 Seconds After Killing an Elite
Diablo 4 Super Unique Monsters Locations And Rewards Dry Steppes

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Diablo 4: Dry Steppes Super Unique Monsters

Pitiless Gur is at Chambatar Ridgein The Boiling Plains at night. They spawn right near the Whispering Vault Dungeon. Barbarians can wear their Hidden Rare, which is Gur’s Freezing Armor.

  • Gur’s Freezing Armor edit:
    • [3.0 – 6.0%] Cold damage
    • [13.0 – 22.0%] Cold Resistance
    • [38 – 77] Thorns

Next in the Dry Steppes region is Bhotak The Inevitablewho shows up at Khargai Crags, southwest of the Grinning Labrinth Dungeon. Bhotak drops the Necklace of Inevitabilitygood for any class.

  • Necklace of Inevitability edit:
    • [+3.0 – 6.0%] Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemies
    • [8.5- 14.5%] Damage Reduction while Injured
    • [3.0 – 6.0%] Healing Received

At night in The Scarred Coastyou’ll find Almunn. He spawns north of Komdor Temple, if you keep walking along the western coast. You’ll receive an Infernal Edge if you kill them, which Barbarians and Necromancers can use.

  • Infernal Edge edit:
    • +18.0% Critical Strike Damage
    • +[26 – 34] All Stats
    • +[26.0 – 40.0%] Damage to Injured Enemies
    • Lucky Hit: Up to a +[6.4 – 12.0%] Chance to Execute Injured Non-Elites.

Finally, you can find Zarozar the Mighty did Untamed Scars in Desolation’s Reach. They spawn south of Champion’s Demise Dungeon, and will drop Bloodspiller’s Helm. Barbarians can make use of this gear.

  • Bloodspiller’s Helm edit:
    • +[5.0 -10.0%] Damage while Berserking
    • +2 Ranks of Rupture
    • +[27 – 66] Life on Kill
Diablo 4 Super Unique Monsters Locations And Rewards Kehjistan

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Diablo 4: Kehjistan Super Unique Monsters

First off, Abe-Mari will spawn only at night in the Amber Sands did Searing Expanse. You can find them just north of the Vizerei Athenaeum Dungeon. As a reward, you’ll get the Wand of Abe-Mariwhich is for Sorcerers.

  • Wand of Abe-Mari edit:
    • [+30 – 37] Intelligence
    • [9.5-13.0%] Damage to Distant Enemies
    • [8.5 – 12.0%] Ultimate Skill Damage

Only during the day, you can find Faraya Tehi also in the Amber Sands. Except this monster shows up at Road To Alcarnus, southwest of the Alcarnus Stronghold. They drop the Grotesque Loopwearable by any class.

  • Grotesque Loop edit:
    • +[4.5 – 8.0%] Barrier Generation
    • +[9.5 – 13.0%] Fortify Generation
    • +[15 – 30] Life on Kill

Tea Priestess Qin is located in the Southern Expanse, just southwest of Omath’s Redoubt Stronhold. You’ll receive Qin’s Captivating Eyewhich is a focus for Sorcerers and Necromancers.

  • Qin’s Captivating Eye edit:
    • X% Cooldown Reduction
    • +[5.4 – 11.0]% Lucky Hit Chance
    • Lucky Hit: Up to a +[13.0 – 20.0]% Chance to Slow
    • +[5.0 – 12.0]% Crowd Control Duration

You’ll also find Nine Eyes in the Dry Steppes, who resides at the Ragged Coastline in the Scorched Gulch. Only at night, Nine-Eyes spawns northeast of Heretics Asylum Dungeon. They drop Broodmother’s Stingerperfect for Rogues.

  • Broodmother’s Stinger edit:
    • +[4.5 – 8.0%] Poison Damage
    • +[4.5 – 8.0%] Damage Over Time
    • +[13.0 – 20.0%] Damage to Healthy Enemies
Hawezar Map

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Diablo 4: Hawezar Super Unique Monsters

The last region in Sanctuary holds Trembling Masswho only spawns at daytime in the Fethis Wetlands. At the Diseased Embankment, east of the Blind Burrows Dungeon, is where they’ll be. You’ll receive the Trembling Ring upon defeat, available to every class.

  • Trembling Ring edit:
    • [70-132] Maximum Life
    • [11 – 24] Life on Kill
    • [11-24] Life Regeneration while not damaged Recently

Captain Willcocks will be in the southern-most area of Blightmarsh did Dark Dross. They drop the Captain’s Ragged Bootswhich is also for any class.

  • Captain’s Ragged Boots edit:
    • [13.0 – 20.0]% Slow Duration Reduction
    • [17.5 – 31.5]% Damage Reduction while Injured
    • [24.5 – 45.5] Poison Resistance

In Rotspill Delta at the Forsaken Coastyou’ll find Enkil. They’ll spawn at the northmost area of ​​this sub-region. Enkil drops an amulet called the Eye of Enkil for Sorcerers and Necromancers.

  • Eye of Enkil edit:
    • [4 – 18.54]% Resistance to All Elements
    • +[14.0 – 28.0]% Damage for [0.14 – 0.28] Seconds After Killing an Elite
    • +[9.5 – 16.5]% Shrine Buff Duration
    • +[5.0 – 12.0]% Crowd Control Duration

The final Super Unique Monster in Diablo 4 is Renn Dayne and Claudia. This pairing is at the Dismal Foothills, west of the Wejinhani Waypoint. This nets you the Haunted Crossbowwhich works best with Rogues.

  • Haunted Crossbow edit:
    • +20.0% Vulnerable Damage
    • +[12.5 – 19.5]% Core Skill Damage
    • +[16.5 – 23.5]% Damage to Close Enemies
    • +[7.0 – 14.0]% Shadow Damage

Those are all the Super Unique Monsters you can find in Diablo 4, alongside their locations and rewards! There are 20 in total, four available in each of the five regions of sanctuary. With the upcoming Seasons, we may get new Super Unique Monsters, but for now, these are all the ones available.

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