Supermassive Games Confirms Long-Awaited Collab With Dead by Daylight

Supermassive Games and Dead by Daylight collab


This is definitely massive.

Dead by Daylight has been knocking it out of the park with these recent announcements; first it was confirmed that they’re having a film adaptation in development with Blumhouse and Atomic Monster, and just a few days ago they shared a teaser of the next survivor coming to the game, which is none other than Nicolas Cage. It’s something that no one was expecting, I mean, we’ve been asking for Sidney Prescott from Scream for years, but sure, I guess I wouldn’t mind playing as Cage instead.

Aside from Sidney, fans have been begging the devs to bring characters from Until Dawn as survivors, most specifically Sam and Emily. It seems the two have been listening to the community as Supermassive Games and Behavior Interactive recently made an announcement video, along with their subtle tweet directly to Dead by Daylight that confirms they will finally be working together on a collab.

Players no longer have to speculate whether the company will create an interactive thriller similar to their previous titles, as they have confirmed they will be making an interactive horror game in which players will be able to make “life or death” choices. This title will take place outside of the Entity’s realm and will focus on all new characters, which means it’s not exactly the story mode everyone was expecting – but it’s still exciting news nonetheless. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a few cameos from our favorite survivors in the Fog.

Since there’s already a Dead by Daylight movie in the works, we’re not sure what direction Supermassive Games could take on their own adaptation, but based on the success of their games even beyond Until Dawn, like the Dark Pictures Anthology series and The Quarry , they’ve proven to have a lot of creativity when it comes to creating horror tales. If any developers were to take on a story set in the DBD universe, the idea would surely be best in Supermassive’s hands.

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