Survivor: Castaway Island Will Let Players Join The Game Show From Their Sofas

Survivor: Castaway Island Will Let Players Join The Game Show From Their Sofas

Survivor fans are getting an upgrade – now instead of just watching castaways from their couch at home, they can participate in an all-new virtual Survivor experience, Survivor: Castaway Island. The adventure is still from a couch, but it’s better than nothing for the Survivor superfan.

With this newest edition in the Survivor franchise, fans are eager for a new take on a digital version of the beloved game show. With a strong fanbase that has been over 20 years in the making, there will no doubt be all kinds of reception from many kinds of demographics once the game makes its debut.

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Survivor: Castaway Island Turns The Game On Its Head Once Again

In an exciting Twitter post, Microids has just announced Survivor: Castaway Islandreleasing on October 3. The game will release for not only PC, but for modern consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch.

Jeff Probst tends to talk about how they’re changing the game each season, bringing in new elements, taking chances on new ideas, and trying to take both fans and the 20 or so lucky players by surprise. After such a long runtime with the survival game show, surprising an avid fan makes for a tough goal each year. Any Survivor enthusiast knows by now that the theme of Survivorbesides Outplay Outwit Outlast, is brazenly to outshine the game’s own expectations with each new reiteration.

For the eager Survivor fan, a new game is a welcome surprise. There hasn’t been a proper release for a Survivor video game in many years, not since Survivor for the Wii, and Survivor: The Interactive Game for the PC. now Survivor: Castaway Island brings the Survivor game show formula into a brand new spotlight with a release all across the modern console array, from the PC to the Nintendo Switch.

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While we don’t have a proper gameplay reveal just yet, there are some implications from what we’ve heard from Microids that can give us a good idea of ​​what gameplay may look like. You’ll be able to pick from 12 different participating players. We don’t know yet if these players are a kind of customizable avatar, if they have stats, or if they’re simply a blank slate for you to write upon. Either way, the game will still be familiar, with alliances, betrayals, rewards, and high stakes for the prize at the end of Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

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