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Now that Jedi: Survivor has come out, those who enjoyed Fallen Order can see how Respawn Entertainment has followed up on Cal Kestis’s story. But if you consider yourself a diehard Star Wars fan, you might want to know how Jedi: Survivor fits into the overall timeline of the series. With so many mainline movies, spinoffs, and other extended material, the Star Wars timeline has inevitably become a bit of a tangled nightmare for those unfamiliar with it. Of course, this shouldn’t deter fans from wanting to know Jedi: Survivor’s place in the timeline, so go ahead and read further to find out.

Jedi: Survivor’s timeline placement

In terms of its relation to Fallen Order, Jedi: Survivor sets its story five years after that title’s events. Specifically, Jedi: Survivor’s story takes place in the year 9 BBY, whereas Fallen Order occurs in the year 14 BBY. For those wondering what BBY means, it stands for Before the Battle of Yavin, which refers to the final Death Star battle in A New Hope. Think of it as the Star Wars version of the real world’s BC or BCE.

This means that Jedi: Survivor takes place well before the original movie trilogy, but where does it stand in relation to the prequels? Well, Revenge of the Siththe third movie in the prequel trilogy, occurs in 19 BBY, five years before Fallen Order and a full decade before Jedi: Survivor.

If you want to go even deeper into the timeline, Jedi: Survivor occurs during the same year as the Daiyu mission in the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series, where the titular character goes to save Princess Leia. Additionally, the game is set one year after the Solo: A Star Wars Story film and four years before the Andor TV-series. So plenty of other consequential events occurred in the galaxy around the time that Jedi: Survivor’s events transpires.

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