System Shock remake delayed to the end of May

System Shock Remake Delayed To May

Tea SystemShock remake has unfortunately been delayed out of March. However, Nightdive Studios announced that we’ll only have to wait two more months. As a result, this means that the SystemShock remake is now set to release in late May.

Nightdive Studios discussed the delay with a short post on Steam. Simply put, the developer says that the previous release date was “just beyond our reach.” The game getting delayed isn’t massively shocking. After all, the SystemShock remake is bringing the cult classic game up to a whole new level. For those who have never experienced the original game, this could be a great way to do just that.

Tea SystemShock remake has been delayed to May

The release of the SystemShock remake has been elusive for a long time now. And this isn’t the first time the game has seen a delay. As far back as 2018, Nightdive Studios has attempted to get the game ready to ship out. But there always seems to be something that gets in the way of that. With that said, we’ve seen plenty of games come out of the oven a little soon. And this has often led to these games requiring months of updates. So, if Nightdive Studios can get everything right, another short delay should be worth it.

As for what the SystemShock remake brings to the table, it’s a lot. Nightdive has taken the original game and expanded on its gameplay. Alongside this, there will be new enemies to fight and plenty of tweaks to help make the game feel modernized. Also, SystemShock and its sequel both allow you to use a range of skills. So you’ll sneak around enemies and hack your way through locked doors. Hopefully, the SystemShock remake is able to deliver that same experience.

Nightdive Studio’s SystemShock remake will release on May 30. Check out the game’s Steam page for more information.

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