Tap Force tier list of all characters that you can pick

Tap Force tier list of all characters that you can pick



Tier S includes the most potent fighters. Tier S characters are powerful up to the late game’s stages. Still, the only issue here is getting these fighters. The highest Tier fighters are considered the most difficult to obtain in the game.

  • Raja
  • Xeno
  • Laguna
  • Zura
  • Safros
  • Kotaro
  • Fenus
  • Necro
  • vex
  • Baron

A powerful brawler who belongs to Kodiac Faction. Kotaro has a ton of power points and insane surviving capabilities. You can be sure that Kotaro is one of Tap Force’s most potent front-line characters.

Vex is a mage that belongs to the Mantis faction. Vex has outstanding attack stats and skills that deal significant damage.



Tier A includes the same-rarity heroes as Tier S. The only difference is battle effectiveness. Fighters from Tier A cannot win you the battle solo. They require a strong team to make a good impact.

  • Bishop
  • Komodo
  • Tseng
  • Cyborg
  • Nova
  • Otto
  • spike
  • mazu
  • Leon
  • Lenee
  • pocky

Otto is a brutal lion and finisher that belongs to the Howler faction. Even though Otto cannot boast good survivability, this fighter’s attacking potential merits a spot in Tier A.

Bishop is a brawler that belongs to the Griffin faction, with stats that perfectly match Tier S characters. However, Bishop’s battle skills don’t allow this character to be at the top of the Tier List.


Tier B

Tier B is the last Tier is Tap Force which includes fighters who can be effectively used even at the late game stages. And if you upgrade Tier B characters and give them proper equipment, they will be competitive even with higher-tier heroes.

  • Bull
  • benji
  • saban
  • duke
  • Mogu
  • Rex
  • Masamune
  • Figaro

If you are looking for a strong tank during the mid-game stages, finding an option better than Benji can be challenging. This bear belongs to the Crane faction and has an insane amount of HP.

Mogu is a tiger and a mage that belongs to the Howler faction. This powerful character can be used even in the late-game stages.


Tier C

Tier C is the first tier with weak heroes. You can find solid middle-strength fighters who cannot boast outstanding performance here, but if you are a beginner, using Tier C heroes is the best option until you get higher-tier heroes.

  • Magus
  • Snake
  • Bang
  • Face
  • Djinn
  • Okami
  • Primm

Primm is a finisher that belongs to the Mantis faction, and can deal tons of damage to multiple targets. Still, Primm requires powerful tanks at the front line to survive brutal battles.

Okami is a wolf and brawler who belongs to the Crane faction. If used in the proper team, Okami can eliminate tons of enemies.


Tier D

Tier D has characters that significantly lack effectiveness. Most Tier D fighters must be replaced when you reach the mid-game.

  • Hawk
  • Teepo
  • Natsu
  • Rosa
  • abe
  • sarge
  • ice cream

Rosa is a Howler faction finisher who has Grandmaster rarity. Even though she can significantly damage multiple targets, her stats don’t allow her to be in the higher Tier.


Tier E

Tier E includes the worst characters in Tap Force. Their battle effectiveness slightly differs from those in Tier F. If you have a Tier E character, avoid investing your money and wait for a better fighter.

  • jacco
  • rampage
  • Lilith
  • Shadow
  • Guerra
  • Eve
  • Zedd
  • troy
  • Kenshi
  • Hado
  • Ash
  • Hiroshi
  • Geno
  • pixie
  • Zen
  • rash
  • Lee
  • Booker
  • Alice

Zen is a support and one of a few Tier E characters worth your attention. Unlike previous fighters in this Tier List, Zen belongs to the Ultra+ rarity and can be unlocked pretty early. After that, feel free to use this character as a support at the back lines.


Tier F

Tier F includes the worst heroes in Tap Force. These fighters will be your team once you get the first five heroes in the game. The only good thing about Tier F characters is that they can be replaced quickly with more powerful ones.

  • Mohawk
  • Maki
  • Kasumi
  • Sasuke
  • Mortar
  • Elena
  • gigi
  • Jack
  • Roxy
  • Stone
  • Sarah
  • Smith

Stone is the only Tier F character who is worth individual attention. He is a tank belonging to the Crane faction, so we highlighted him. Stone can absorb damage for allies, which makes him much more powerful compared to others. You can be certain that this is extremely helpful at the beginning game’s stages.

That’s it with the Tap Force tier list. As you can see, the game has over 40 characters, so it may be hard for beginners to figure out what heroes are the best.

This article is regularly updated. We will add new fighters here as soon as they are added to the game. And if you’re wondering what factions to choose from in the Orb Recruit, choose Howler/Cobra. Here you have the highest chances of getting a powerful Tier S character.

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